Thursday, October 23, 2008

Greenspan's Oath of Office

Author of the GRAND DEPRESSION and
'Financial Armageddon'.

NO!, Karl Denninger (Market Ticker),
the problem is NOT 'Greenspan Idiocy',
Greenspan is a genius on CAUSING DEPRESSIONS.


Israeli Zionism!
Zionism = Nazism = Satanism
(the same people who did 9/11)
and its murderous stranglehold on America:
the WH
the Supreme Court
the Pentagon
the MIC (Military-Industrial-Complex)
Federal Government Departments
(the Fed, Treasury & Homeland Security, for starters)
Intelligence Agencies (NSA, FBI, CIA, etc.)
the Republican Party
the Democratic Party
the MainStreamMedia
Academia (think Ivy League)
the Financial Industry
the Entertainment Industry
the Publishing Industry
the Medical Industry
the Pharma Industry
the Computer Industry
the Jewelry Industry
the Pornography Industry
the Gambling Industry
the Legal Industry
the Holocaust Industry
the Liquor Industry
Foundations & Institutions
Think Tanks

(what have I left out?)

Mazel Tov, America!

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