Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Apocalypse - SOON!

Karl Denninger (Market Ticker), today published the best description of 'Financial Armageddon' now facing America and the world ('Fiscal Cat 5 Hurricane Warning' - Oct. 22, 2008). If you read between the lines, it will become self-evident that what has been done so far to get us into this Financial Mess, what is being done now and what is contemplated by Whirly Ben and Hanky-Panky Paulson, MUST BE DELIBERATE and part of the Zionist GAMEPLAN to destroy America and the Old World Order (and replacing it with the Zionist-controlled New World Order)! These Zionist slimeballs are NO DUMMIES, Karl! They know EXACTLY what they are doing - CAUSING A DEPRESSION (Protocol #22) and it's gonna be A LOT WORSE than you describe.

Karl's other article bearing today's date (Oct. 22, 2008), titled "The Stark Choice Now Facing America", with an appeal to Americans to do 'something' nebulous (make a choice), is pure poppycock and deception. There is NOTHING any number of Americans can do at this late stage of the Zionist diabolical GAME to avoid 'Financial Armageddon'. Everything has been PLANNED well in advance to make the coming Grand Depression INEVITABLE. That is BY DESIGN, but our Zionist shill Karl would have you believe that YOU, the average American, can somehow avert the coming Disaster. All that surviving Americans will be able to do is to identify, isolate, imprison and execute the Zionist slimeballs responsible for this Disaster - AFTER THE FACT! We can expect some help along those lines from Someone with the Authority and Power to execute Judgment. His Name is Jesus the Christ. "He will also do it". We are 'up against' Powers and Principalities of Darkness (Satan and his slimeball Zionist worshipers) - make no mistake about it! Karl's appeal is sheer nonsense, grandstanding and DECEPTION. The actions that Karl wants 'someone' in a position of power to take is like asking the Devil to commit suicide - and expecting him to do it! No way, Jose! Bush and his Zionist Cabal have already arranged to have 'tanks in the streets', should there be a popular uprising - ask your Congress critter. The GAME has been rigged, folks - and the House ("the rebellious House of Israel") has rigged it! Fortunately for us, Yahweh has other ideas and His own plans for "The Synagogue of Satan" - SEE! Ezekiel 22:20. THANK GOD!

The Sorcerer

"The Devil made me do it!"

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