Monday, October 20, 2008

NASA - A Waste of Space (and $$$)

Next to wars and the related Arms industry, the 'Exploration of Space' represents the biggest waste of valuable resources ever concocted by American government (and world) mis-leaders. As if humanity doesn't have enough unsolved problems right here on planet Earth! The list of more deserving problems on which to spend untold $Billions is endless - starting with poverty, diseases, affordable and decent housing, 'clean' energy and arming the entire planet to the teeth with weapons of ever-increasing deadliness.

Whoever is making these decisions on where to allocate humanity's scarce resources (including intellectual capital) is NOT interested in improving the lives of human beings. They have another agenda altogether. What is that agenda?

The tactic is one of DIVERSION and DECEPTION.

The OBJECTIVE is to INTENTIONALLY WASTE RESOURCES! and to prevent the solution of the above problems which threaten the well-being and very existence of humanity.

Whoever is making these decisions are ENEMIES of humanity - like those providing us with morally debasing 'Entertainment'.

Who is/are the greatest enemy of humanity?

Read 'The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion'. Their authors and the god of those authors and of this world (Satan) are the greatest enemy of humanity. They are an Alien Race with a diabolical heritage and demonic GAMEPLAN for humanity. Are you a 'player' on their side in this devilish GAME - and don't even know it?! If you are employed in the Arms or Space Exploration industries or a member of the Armed Forces, then you are one of their 'players' in their deadly GAME against humanity - witting or unwitting!

How will their GAME end?

The Final Victory has already been decided - on the Cross of Christ! Make sure you're on the Winning Side (God's Side) by the Time He declares GAME OVER!

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