Sunday, November 9, 2008

Brilliant Zionist Shills

If you still have any doubts about the INEVITABILITY of the coming Grand Depression and the fact that it is a DELIBERATE ACT, read Karl Denninger's article

"Yes We Will (Have A Depression)".

What's so amazing about Karl is his brilliant grasp of our economic situation (DIRE!), awareness that it is DELIBERATE but apparent ignorance of who the perpetrators are - even though this fact is just about IMPOSSIBLE to miss - UNLESS you are a Zionist Shill, of course! Karl is NO DUMMY!

Mike (Mish) Shedlock is equally brilliant but he, too, refuses to SEE! that Zionists are the perpetrators. Mike makes an excellent case that we are experiencing DEFLATION - headed for DEPRESSION (see his November 11 post). I dare anyone to find any reference in Karl's or Mike's posts about the Zionists who are RESPONSIBLE for the coming 'Financial Armageddon'! It's the 'Government', the 'Regulators', the Wall St. Boyz, the greedy and slothful Americans - but it's NEVER the slimeball ZIONIST CABAL! Karl and Mike (and others) must think we are ALL Dummies! NO!, Karl and Mike, we are NOT all Dummies - the REAL Holocaust is just around the bend! Better get your Adance tickets to Tel Aviv on El Al right now - while there's still Time to make your escape! BUT, don't forget about Ezekiel 22:20! You have been warned.

The ENDGAME, folks, is the DELIBERATE DESTRUCTION of America by Zionist slimeballs, so that they can replace the Old World Order (American Capitalism and Christianity) with their New World Order (Israeli Zionism and Satanism). Does the Zionist New World Order smell like Fire and Brimstone? You betcha! (It comes directly from Hell). ObamaRahm-a is merely a pawn in their GAME - he sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for some short-lived glory on the WH throne. The Fool (or worse!).

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