Monday, November 10, 2008

Courageous Jews Against Zionism!

America desperately needs more Jews like Henry Klein!

And Benjamin Freedman!

And Neturei Karta True Torah Jews - like those above!

And Mordechai Vanunu!


Anonymous said...

In a previous post you said:

"If the 'Protocols' were not written by Zionists (the learned Elders of Zion) then someone else wrote that recipe for humanity's disaster. Does it matter? What matters is that the 'Protocols' have been executed in minute detail until we arrived at the present point in time. All the dots consist of Zionists or their stooges and their deliberate actions (including 9/11), dating back to the mid-19th century."

I agree with this fully and I realize that I don't actually care WHO wrote the protocols, I just wanted to make sure that they were inspired by Satan, and not some elaborate hoax or a coincidence. The reason I think they aren't a hoax is that we know these protocols have been around for a long time (mid 1800's at least), and they have been followed in an uncanny manner by those that follow Satan - to the great detriment of the peoples of the Earth.

Therefore my reasoning is that they represent sort of an unholy bible that is being followed to the letter by the Synagogue of Satan and as such, they must be genuine, or at least Satanic in origin. This is important because if we know the Protocols is the unholy bible, then we can use it as a playbook to understand what the Satanists are going to do next.

Along the same lines, what are the odds that Satan is working on the Zionists directly and the Zionists aren't necessarily following the Protocols? In other words, what if whoever wrote the Protocols just happened to know a lot about how Satan works through people and human nature in general, and wrote a hypothetical treatise on how one would destroy the world, specifically almost as a recipe for disaster as you said, but wasn't necessarily writing the Protocols for the Zionists.

On another subject. Yes Mish and KD know very well what is going on in the financial sphere and write about it with much truth. I'm not so sure that they don't know who is behind it though. Maybe they know and just can't say it or they will lose their forum? They are leaving the connecting of the dots to others (such as you) that can expose the grand conspiracy and intent behind it all. A lot of this is the evil vs. incompetent argument and KD and Mish have found it easier and more politically expedient to focus on the incompetent side of the argument, whereas you obviously highlight the evil side of the argument. That's why I have read Mish and KD for a long times (the former for several years, and the latter about a year and a half) but I need this site to bring it all together as those guys won't touch the stuff that you describe.

GodSend said...

I've posted many comments on the 'Mish' blog and most of them were published with only a few deletions. I have no doubts that both 'Mish' and Karl know very well that the Zionist Cabal is behind the coming Grand Depression as well as 9/11 and some of the other Mossad 'false-flag' Ops. They are both very intelligent and understand our economic predicament (and how it was generated and is still being manipulated) and what the by-now inevitable consequences will be (especially Karl). They may well be reluctant to be more direct about it out of 'self interest' and not wanting to fan the flames of a likely Holocaust, should the truth become self-evident through their disclosure. On the other hand, the matter is SO serious for America and humanity that intentional concealment is NOT ACCEPTABLE for anyone with a conscience and a desire for Evil to be exposed. Americans are entitled to know what is facing them and WHO IS INTENTIONALLY DOING IT. 'Mish' dropped a subtle hint in one of his recent posts by using my name (Eternal Optimist) to identify his own thinking. It may have been just a coincidence.

The situation America (and the world) finds itself in now (to get a lot worse very soon) is so grave and there is so little Time remaining, that anyone who conceals and protects these devilish slimeballs is becoming an 'accessory' to an enormous crime.

Holy Scripture instructs us to "expose" the works of Darkness and to "Resist the Devil". That's what we have to do (those of us who believe God's Word) NO MATTER WHAT. There is no price too high to pay, including our life. Many true followers of Christ have paid that price before - it's good company to be in! It's a matter of protecting the honor of our God and there can to NO EXCUSE for backing off.

"To live is Christ and to die is gain". I want the Devil (and his worshipers) to know my name and that I'm resisting him (and THEM), wearing the full armor of God. "Though He slay me, yet will I love Him". Spiritual warfare is exhilarating when you're fighting on God's side because He is in view. How 'lucky' can you get? I've been waiting for this all my life - but I didn't know it until just a few years ago.

Pick up the sword of God's Word and fight on His side! The victory has already been won for us on the Cross of Christ! :) "Death, where is thy sting?"

Thanks for your comments!