Thursday, January 8, 2009

ObamaRahm-a's Stimulus Hoax

When ObamaRahm-a promotes the URGENT economic stimulus, he is really promoting the Zionist-engineered DEATH SENTENCE for America's (economic) future. The American economy is now a Zombie economy - Thanks to Zionist Sorcerer Greenspan and his Zionist Apprentice Bernanke's 'Death by 1000 Cuts' interest rate policies after the .COM Crash. You can't 'stimulate' a Zombie corpse - you can just WASTE $Trillions more of future taxpayer earnings. The DIRE CONSEQUENCES of the Zionist blue-and-white collar (think Israel's flag) crimes are already GUARANTEED. America's economy is a DEAD ECONOMY - WALKING! (for now). ObamaRahm-a is nothing more than a Zionist-controlled mouthpiece. SEE! earlier posts here for more details.

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