Thursday, February 12, 2009

Eternal Optimism and 'Financial Armageddon'

If you've been visiting this Blog and my website for a while, you must have noticed that world events are converging on the completion of my explanation of The Puzzle. More and more pieces fall into their designated place almost every day. 'Depression' is becoming almost popular and mainstream! That Ultimate Zionist Shill, Karl Denninger, even felt obliged to DENY on his 'Market Ticker' that there is a cabal of Zionist Slimeballs responsible for this Mess (and for 9/11), among some other 'false-flag' Zionist Ops. Karl knows full well that Israeli Zionist Slimeballs are the CAUSE behind most of the world's troubles, including the almost self-evident 'Grand Depression'. Have a look at a previous post on this Blog and SEE! how Karl desperately searches for the Zionist criminals - in all the wrong places. For anyone to not connect these self-eviden dots, linking pervasive DECEPTION and DESTRUCTION to Zionist Israel, is tragically farcical!

Where there is Crime, there WILL be Punishment - and Yahweh's Punishment of "The Rebellious House of Israel" is less than 2012 away. He WILL Pave Paradise (Israel) and put up a Parking Lot!

There will be Hell to pay!


Anonymous said...

I've been wondering:

How could the Nazis purportedly capture, transport, process, murder, incinerate/bury, etc., 6,000,000 Jews, all this while fighting WWII on several fronts??? (Hitler would have needed to gas more than 4,000 Jews a day, 7 days a week, for 4 years, to have murdered 6,000,000!!!!)

Isn’t the Holocaust really an exaggerated hoax for the creation of the state of Israel after WWII??? Hasn’t Israel been an ally of the Illuminati/NWO/globalists/NeoCons ushering us into a one-world dictatorship???

GodSend said...

What you say about the 'Holocaust' is true - it's an exaggeration and Zionist propaganda. Israel is the creation of Khazar 'Jews' (not really Jews) and other servants of the 'Alien Race' (Satanists aka 'Devil's Brood'). Their callous treatment of the Palestinians reveals their reptilian nature and origin. "They Live" is not as far-fetched as most people think. Zionist Slimeballs are humanoid - NOT human!

Anonymous said...

They Live was a great movie and probably a metaphor for the Zionist infiltration and invasion:

So are you saying that the Khazar Zionists are not actually humans at all? This would make sense, in a way. What are the biblical references for such a view?

If the Khazars aren't human, they have certainly bred with actual humans over the years (Rothschild lineage, etc.) and so what would that make the offspring of such a union between human and alien and could such a being be trusted?

GodSend said...

Interbreeding with humans is both, biblical (OT) and archeological (Z. Sitchin's analysis of the Sumerian civilization & Planet 'X' Annunaki). Sitchin's study of archeological evidence of stargates in Baalbek (Lebanon) is of particular interest. They also exist in Iraq. The Zionist Israelis are keenly interested in these areas. It wouldn't surprise me if they have re-discovered valuable information about these ancient stargates. The previous generation of Nazis (Germany) was also very interested in this area and topic, as well as the Occult. More dots to be connected.

It would be interesting to subject Zionist Slimeballs to DNA testing by a certifiable, objective Lab and see the results - not likely to happen!

Besides "They Live", other films have projected a similar metaphor ("The Matrix", "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", "Judgment Day", "War of the Worlds", "V" [TV series], etc.).

Study my website, links and this Blog for more details.

No, THEY can't be trusted - even by another Raptor! ;)