Monday, February 9, 2009

The 'Perpetual Lesson' of the Shoah

Morphed Occult Symbol Signifies Arrogant Deception

the 'Holocaust'
the USS Liberty Attack
the JFK Assassination
the Gaza Genocide
and the
Grand Depression
(now in progress, as planned!)

Neturei Karta True Torah Jews said it best:

"Do not be deceived"

by Israel, the Pope, ObamaRahm-a, Frau Merkel or anyone else!


Anonymous said...

Zionists have been committing genocide against Palestine ever since Israel was invented in 1947! Israel is a tool of the Illuminati/NWO/globalists to foment WWIII & a resulting one-world dictatorship!!!

(Re: the most recent "conflict"--The Israelis need to find & stop those responsible for firing bottle-rockets into Israel, not murder & maim 1,000s more innocent Palestinians & stir-up even more retribution! That's assuming the bottle-rockets aren't another Zionist false-flag, like 9/11.)

GodSend said...

What most people don't realize (and never will) is that Zionist Israel (and America) are permeated with the Occult and controlled by worshipers of Satan. The ENDGAME is the onslaught of the Alien Race and their humanoid agents(the Dragon's brood, aka Zionist Slimeballs) against humanity. This is another level beyond the Illuminati and reaching into the spiritual realm of 'powers and principalities of Darkness in the Heavenlies'. The Puzzle is not complete until it is understood with Jesus the Christ as the central piece. Zionism at its core represents a continuation and the culmination of Satan's rebellion against God Almighty and the position of His Son and Christ's followers at God's Right Hand.

In the Final Analysis, Zionists (Satanists) and their god Lucifer are just doomed players in God's ENDGAME!

GodSend said...

PS And THEY know it! ;)