Monday, March 2, 2009

Donations to rebuild Gaza

How about international donors donating to a fund to obliterate the rogue state of Zionist Israel?! - or at least effecting permanent Regime Change in Israel. How many times will Israel be allowed to murder, pillage and steal land from the Palestinians - not to mention attacking America repeatedly (9/11, USS Liberty, JFK assassination, etc.)? Those international donors who squander money (repeatedly) to rebuild Gaza instead of destroying Israel, are either stupid or Zionist shills. It's high time to solve humanity's main problem - once and for all and forever!

The huge, overstuffed 'Israel Lobby' in America
needs to be swept clean of the Zionist Slimeballs!
Ezekiel 22:20


Anonymous said...

The more I learn about the Illuminati/NWO/globalists, the more it seems the plot to invent Israel was hatched before WWI.

Also as planned, WWII provided Zionists with the Holocaust (an exaggerated hoax) to make them feel entitled, & to steal sympathy & favor from us goyim (cattle).

Throw in their self-serving belief that they are "God's Chosen Ones", and the Zionists have been happily defecating on us with impunity ever since!

The above diabolical fraud has gone on far, far too long & must end now!!!

GodSend said...

I figure it this way:

Yahweh, being very thorough and wanting to solve this problem once-and-for-all and forever, in His infinite wisdom, is patiently waiting for the 'Gathering' (see Ezekiel 22:20) of those Zionist Slimeballs in Israel to be COMPLETE - before starting the MELTING process. So, while we mere mortals are anxious for Him to get the job over with, I'm willing (as always) to defer to His Supreme Wisdom in this and all other matters of such vast import.

As a wise man once said: "Do it right - or don't do it right at all". Their time will come - it is written!