Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Zionist NWO: Restructure OR ELSE!


There will be MANY MORE

Israeli Zionist Slimeballs are administering

If you are paying attention to ObamaRahm-a, it will become painfully apparent that he is just an obedient tool (Zionist Slimeball Stooge) in the slimy tentacles of his Israeli Zionist Slimeball masters. THEY (who LIVE) are engineering the creation of the Zionist 'New World Order', and THEY are often referred to as the 'Illuminati' - illuminated by the false light of Lucifer (Satan). America is firmly on the road to a Totalitarian State, initiated by that Evil Idiot Zionist Slimeball Stooge, Bush. Mussolini correctly called it 'State Corporatism' - most others call it FASCISM. The truly enlightened call it the

Zionist New World Order
of the
Synagogue of Satan
(Revelation 2:9)

Note that the American car industry (as well as Banking, Insurance, Real Estate, etc.) is steadily being swallowed up by America's emerging Fascist Federal Government. Note that the idea of a 'New World Currency' is emerging out of the orifice of that Zionist Slimeball Tim Geithner, blessed by ObamaRahm-a. Note that the American Fascist State is now the entity which is responsible for all new car warranties, as that industry descends into officially endorsed and mandated bankruptcy. Note who is 'calling the shots' in this 'Gunfight at the KO Corral' - that Zionist Slimeball Stooge ObamaRahm-a - or is it really 'Rahmbo' and his Israeli Zionist Slimeball masters in Tel Aviv who are 'calling the shots'?! Note that American cities are not exempt from the deadly embrace of the Zionist Slimeball tentacles. Detroit (and more and more American cities) are being instructed to 'restructure or else'. Guess who is responsible for the demise of American cities and for the mushrooming growth of the 'New World Order Tent Cities' (aka Shantytowns)? Did you guess that Zionist Sorcerer Sir Alan Greenspan and his Zionist Slimeball Apprentices, Whirly Ben Bernanke and Tax Cheat Tim Geithner? If not, you're NOT paying attention! Note that the American Fascist State is rapidly becoming the 'Employer' of millions of unemployed or underemployed Americans. Soon, they can expect to receive 'the mark' on their forearms or foreheads (embedded RFID chips). Does all of this have a familiar ring to it? If not, you're NOT listening! Listen to the voice of Ariel Sharon, ex-PM of the Zionist Slimeball State of Israel:

Are you beginning to put the many Zionist Slimeball dots (more like bloody blobs) together yet? - including, most prominently,

Actually, it's better to think of the dots as pieces of


For the complete picture of the dots (THE Solution to 'The Puzzle') and how you may be PERSONALLY affected by the coming NWO, study the rest of this blog and my website (including the many links). There is precious little time left to lose! The BLACK HOLE ABYSS is yawning before humanity and there is little time left to find the stairway to Heaven and knock on the (ONE and ONLY) Door of Salvation:

Jesus the Christ

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