Wednesday, April 1, 2009


The Green Slime Grows

G20+ NWO Zionist Slimeball Stooges come in ALL colors and sexes
(The QUEEN holds a special, historical place in the Occult Cabal)

We are ALL April Fools now!
(Someone had to take the Queen to the toilet)

Humanity is being herded into the unmitigated Zionist 'New World Order' Disaster of GALL. The G-Club pond of Global Zionist Slimeballs is ever-expanding and will soon swamp the entire Globe - very appropriate for Globalism. The 'New World Currency' will be the 'mark' of the 'New World Order' and of the BLACK BEAST (Super-Slimeball-in-Spades). Remember that the Devil is the "god of this world" and "Great Deceiver" - and what could be more deceptive than an Israeli Mossad-invented and inaugurated BLACK BEAST SLIMEBALL, gradually emerging out of the MUCK of the Zionist G-Club and revealing his True Colors (and IDentity - 'Satan in the White House')?! All that's missing are the Global Ashes of...

Stay Tuned!
ALL on the march against GALL!

If you're looking for the Alien Invasion,
look in the Rear-View mirror
through special sunglasses


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