Thursday, April 2, 2009

Zionist Slimeball Geithner's Gift too Gross

Thanks, Tim! How GROSS can you get?

What, exactly, is that Zionist Slimeball and Tax Cheat Tim Geithner cooking up these days for his Zionist Slimeball Bankster Buddies? Our Super Zionist Shill, Knish-Mish (Mike Shedlock) SEES ALMOST ALL ('Geithner's Gift to PIMPCO') - but doesn't tell you that Geithner and his REAL bosses are ALL Zionist Slimeballs, whose loyalties lie (like Lieberman's) in the Zionist Slimeball State of Israel. Anyone who refuses to see the MANY Zionist Slimeball dots (more like bloody blobs) and REFUSES to connect them, MUST be part of the problem - NOT the solution! Ditto Karl D ('MarketTicker') and countless other Zionist Slimeball Shills who dabble in Macroeconomics, Black Holes and DECEPTION!

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