Sunday, April 19, 2009

Speaking of Gold.......

Notice Goldfinger's military uniform - do you 'get' the message?

Does a Gold Man (with Sacks of Gold) have a Gold Finger?

What can we learn from 'Goldfinger' - the James Bond flick?

"His heart is cold"
"He loves only Gold"

WHO are cold-blooded creatures? (Reptilians)
Are Zionist Slimeballs cold-blooded, like Raptors?
The history of Zionist Israel is flooded with cold blood!
(Ask any Palestinian in Gaza, still living)


9/11 Was False-Flag Terrorism said...

I guess another way to say Zionists with sacks of gold is Goldman Sachs!

GodSend said...

Subtle, huh?!

Some of the pieces of The Puzzle are so obvious that most people miss them!

THEY like to play with us before THEY devour us - like a cat with a mouse.

Sometimes I think that those Zionist Slimeballs intentionally left a trail of evidence during 911 - just to rub in our faces that THEY (think) THEY can get away with it (like robbing Fort Knox in broad daylight). THEY possess arrogance (also called chutzpah) which knows no bounds - like daring us to penetrate the MSM stonewall with 911 truth. Bollyn underestimates the power of the Zionist-controlled MSM. THEY just say: "Black is White" and leave it at that.

Nevertheless, THEY will get their reward - it's just a matter of time.