Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Click the Tick - SEE!ing BLACK

The Zionist Shills infesting the Financial Industry are falling all over themselves with endless, meaningless and deceiving blather, DELIBERATELY concealing the ROOT CAUSE of America's (and the Global) IMMINENT 'Financial Armageddon': Zionist DELIBERATE Policy ("Death by 1000 Cuts"), initially put in place by the Zionist Sorcerer and EXPERT on the Great Depression, Sir Alan Greenspan. These DEADLY POLICIES have now been embraced by the ObamaRahm-a Administration (clearly controlled by Zionists) with irresponsible, MULTI-$TRILLION DEFICIT BUDGETS which will GUARANTEE America's Descent into the ABYSS. There is at least ONE VOICE which is announcing the Creation and Existence and Expansion of this DELIBERATE DEBT BOMB. Will that and similar voices be heard and heeded by TPTB? Don't hold your breath, waiting for positive CHANGE. It's the OTHER kind of CHANGE that ObamaRahm-a has agreed to deliver for his Zionist Capos in Israel and America.

MAZEL TOV, America!

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