Tuesday, May 26, 2009

'Consumer Confidence' and INSANITY

The NYSE (BIG CASINO) Orifice of the Alien Race
THEY (who LIVE!) just LOVE Flags!
When you SEE! a Flag, look for a 'Great Deceiver' behind it!
(OK - sometimes it's just a mass of clueless idiots behind it)

Perhaps you've noticed that the Zionist-controlled MainStreamMedia (MSM) plays up 'Consumer Confidence' in influencing (or even determining) the direction of the Stock Market? Are consumers fickle and/or simply stupid? - like a flock of sheeple! Have consumers run up an incredible $TRILLION of Credit Card Debt? Do they buy mountains of frivolous Chinese JUNK? Who entices (entraps is better) them to waste their Credit (Credit is NOT their $$$!) and time in accumulating all that frivolous JUNK? Is 'Advertising' just another word for 'Propaganda'? (Brainwashing is better). Is the Stock Market just a daily 'Confidence Game', with movement determined by the 'Consumer Mood of the Day'? - or is it REALLY the 'Daily Feeding Frenzy' for the Alien Race (GREED generates 'Negative Spiritual Energy' - SEE! previous posts). Is the 'Financial System' (including the Stock Market) just a RIGGED GAME to rob millions and make 'THE HOUSE' incredibly RICH? Why do THEY (who LIVE!) want to be RICH - and make everyone else POOR? Do THEY worship MAMMON? Do THEY want all of us to worship MAMMON? Is the 'Financial System' REALLY just a BIG CASINO? Who makes the Rules of all the GAMES that are being played in the BIG CASINO? THE HOUSE makes the Rules! Which HOUSE would that be? Would you believe:

"The Rebellious HOUSE of Israel"
("New Khazaria")

and its Zionist "Auslege Goy" Stooges?"You don't have to be Jewish to be a Zionist" (Slimeball)
(Joseph Biden)

Think "Zionist Slimeballs" Greenspan, Bernanke, Geithner, Friedman, Kohn, Paulson, etc. Can (and DO) THEY CHANGE the Rules in mid-play, so that THEY control who wins and who loses? YOU BETCHA! Happy 'Investing'! Will YOU still be a 'Confident Consumer' when YOU become DESTITUTE? (Think 'Tent City', USA). Now THINK about all that - THINK LONG and HARD! Are you waking up - yet? If you don't wake up soon, you WILL wake up in 'Tent City', USA!

"Doing the same thing over and over again
and expecting a different result"

(Albert Einstein)



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