Monday, May 25, 2009

The Next Housing KA-BOOM-ERANG!

Oh Yeah?

It seems there are some 'Investor' folks in Arizona, California, Florida and elsewhere (Canada, China, Europe, etc.), who believe that houses in Foreclosure in various parts of America represent a real investment 'Bargain' right now.

The Grand Depression, PLANNED so expertly by Zionist Slimeballs Greenspan & Bernanke (the Sorcerer and his Apprentice - SEE! previous posts), has only just begun and the number of Unemployed and Underemployed will continue to INCREASE until Depression-levels of 25+% are reached. Those continuing and PERMANENT job losses (especially of well-paying jobs) will translate into increasing foreclosures, an increasing housing supply and LOWER house prices. Then there are the millions of Alt-A loans still to 'Reset' in the next 2+ years, making higher mortgage payments impossible and/or a waste of $$$ for most of the 'under water' unemployed. Decreasing 'affordability' will put further downward pressure on prices, which will put many 'Prime' mortgage holders 'under water' as well. The pool of qualified buyers will continue to dry up at all price levels. So, the 'Bargain' houses those 'shrewd' investors snap up today will become a Liability (under water) before they can gurgle "SELL!" - and will turn them into 'screwed' investors.

Caveat Emptor!

It's time to advise your friendly but clueless
RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) and RE Agent:

"TAKE A HIKE!""Bon Voyage!"

If you got caught in the
Stock Market 'Bear Trap',
be prepared to shed tears
and excess wealth - soon.
You might also consider
shedding your RIA!
Remember the 'silver lining'
in shedding wealth - SEE!
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