Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gitmo and the Zionist myth of al-Qaeda

Gitmo continues to exist, in a desperate Zionist effort to validate and perpetuate the Zionist al-Qaeda myth, the 'Official' 911 myth and the 'War on Terror' myth (like so many Zionist myths before them - SEE! The Mossad 'DECEPTIONS' False-Flag Operations Manual). What Humanity has to fear, are more of such deadly DECEPTIONS and ATTACKS on Humanity, planned and executed by those diabolical Zionist Slimeball Agents of the Alien Race. ObamaRahm-a, with his announcement of the 'Long-Term al-Qaeda Threat', is saying (and doing) EXACTLY what he is being told to say and do by his (MANY) Zionist handlers [SEE! earlier posts here for a partial list of who THEY (who LIVE!) are]. All these myths are CONNECTED to the 'Holocaust' myth, which Israeli Zionist Slimeballs have conjured up and are using to perpetuate their deceptive 'anti-Semitism' WMD (Weapon of Mass Deception).


Obama (the one advertised by the Zionist-controlled MainStream Media during the election campaign) and Osama (the one advertised by the Zionist-controlled MainStream Media in fake videos) are both FICTIONAL WORKS of...

"The Rebellious House Of {Zionist} Israel"
"The Synagogue of Satan"

"New Khazaria"

May I suggest
that you stop swallowing
the deceptive Zionist BS
oozing out of the many
Zionist MSM orifices?

Want some BIG Zionist orifices identified?


Peter Chernin (FOX News - President)
Charles Collier (AMC - President)
Brad Grey (Paramount Pictures - Chairman)

Robert Igor (Walt Disney - CEO)
Michael Lynton (SONY Pictures - Chairman)

Barry Meyer (Warner Brothers - Chairman)
Arnon Milchan (New Regency Productions - Chairman)
Leslie Moonves (CBS - CEO)
Rupert Murdoch (News Corporation - Chairman)
Sumner Rothstein (National Amusements - Chairman)
Harry Sloan (MGM - Chairman)
Jeff Zucker (NBC/Universal Studios - CEO)


Their Zionist BS can KILL you - Slowly or Quickly!
(especially if you're in the American Military)

It's Simple, Stupid: Don't Be A (Zucker) Sucker!
for Their 'Amusement' and 'Entertainment'
and Your Brainwashing!Tell THEM! ("Peddlers on the Roof") to SHOVE IT!
THEY (who LIVE!) will understand.


Anonymous said...

read or History of isreali false flag ops. The joos r a parasitic race & serve no viable purpose to mankind nor the world or An often censored videO by on how joosreal hires PR Firms to spin away their slaughter. Or why the IDF used kids as shields or shot pregnant women in the belly r head shot boys in Gaza

GodSend said...

I suggest that you read Alan Hart's book:

"Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews".

Judaism has its own set of major problems, but most of the so-called 'Jews' who inhabit Zionist Israel are not real Jews - THEY (who LIVE!) are Khazars! (Barbarians) who were FORCED to adopt Judaism by their ruler. Read Ben Freedman's 1974 speech about the origin of the word "Jew" (there are many links to Ben Freedman's speech in this Blog).

The barbaric actions of Zionist Israel's leaders, some members of the IDF and the Mossad, reveal who THEY really are - THEY are NOT real Jews! Neturei Karta True Torah Jews are real Jews - there are not that many.

So, make a distinction between Jews and Zionists. It's an important distinction which will protect real Jews from the coming Holocaust!