Friday, May 22, 2009

The "Right (and DUTY) of Return"

Perhaps you've heard of the "Right of Return", which gives anyone who can prove he/she was born of a 'Jewish' mother, the 'Right' to return to "New Khazaria" (Israel) as their new homeland. As we all know, some 'Rights' carry with them a 'Responsibility'. Lovers and worshipers of "New Khazaria" (Israel) (aka "The Synagogue of Satan") should not take this 'Right' lightly but rather consider it their OBLIGATION and DUTY. Yahweh, after all, has done some meticulous planning to designate "New Khazaria" (Israel) as His special 'Gathering Place' for the 'Chosen People'. Perhaps you are wondering WHY Yahweh is gathering THEM! there and what He has in Mind for "The Rebellious House of Israel" ("New Khazaria"). If so, you can STOP wondering. SEE! Ezekiel 22:20 for Yahweh's Final Solution to Humanity's persistent Problem. Let's all encourage THEM! to exercise their "Right of Return". The first ones to Return should be those with dual Israeli-American citizenship. How many of THEM! are there? THEY (who LIVE!) are legion!

How can we POSITIVELY identify THEM!?
Ask THEM! about

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