Sunday, May 17, 2009

The "Two States" SOLUTION?

Will there be a "Greater Israel"?

There is speculation in some quarters that Separate States, Israel ("New Khazaria") and Palestine, is the FINAL SOLUTION for the 'Greater Israel' problem. That's very interesting - BUT Yahweh has had another FINAL SOLUTION in Mind for quite some time to SOLVE (comes from SOLUTION) the problem of the "Rebellious House of Israel" ("The Synagogue of Satan") once-and-for-all (Time). Separate States would simply be a temporary way for Yahweh to shield the Palestinians from His coming Judgment of the Israeli Zionist Slimeballs, now infesting His Holy Land:

"As men gather
silver, bronze, iron, lead, and tin

into the midst of a furnace,

to blow fire on it, to melt it;

so I will gather you
in My anger and in My fury,
and I will leave you there
and melt you."

Ezekiel 22:20

('Father Knows Best')Nibiru

Has anyone checked the DNA of those diabolical Israeli Zionist Slimeballs?
Why are THEY (who LIVE!) so cold-blooded - like Reptilians?
Why are the Israelis so curious about Baalbek (Lebanon)?
Why are the Israelis 'all over' Iraq (Sumer)?
Where were/ARE the Stargates?
What's in Roswell?
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