Saturday, May 16, 2009

WHO is Maiming and Murdering Humanity?

They parade around in fancy Regalia, wrap themselves in colorful sheets of cloth and worship the god of death. Why is 'Patriotism' the last refuge of a scoundrel? How come so many scoundrels need to seek refuge in the 'Military'? MILLIONS are engaged for most of their lives in arms-length Maiming & Murder (many unwittingly), while professing all sorts of 'Patriotism' and pledging 'Allegiance' to all sorts of those colorful 'flags'. All those people must be NUTS or Deranged, right? Maybe many of them are just DECEIVED! Who would DECEIVE them? Why are they so easily DECEIVED? Who is REALLY behind the 'Military' of the world, which sucks untold rivers of blood, tears and wealth from Humanity ($663.7 BILLION from Americans next year) in the pursuit of Maiming and Murdering fellow human beings? This tragic DECEPTION has gone on since the beginning of organized Humanity! Why is the 'license to kill' (and torture) so popular? Is 'WAR' really necessary? - REALLY? Who REALLY benefits from the torture, maiming and murder of Humanity? It's NOT Humanity, that's for sure!

Whenever you see people massed in fancy Regalia and fond of secret as well as open 'Rituals' (Military, Religions, Academia, Royalty, Security, Cults, etc.), BEWARE! of sinister forces at work behind these facades which exist to DECEIVE Humanity and entice people to surrender their will and better judgment for some deceptive, mysterious and questionable 'CAUSE'. If the 'CAUSE' entails the torture, maiming and killing of human beings as the means to some ultimate End (or is the End, itself), you KNOW the "god of this world" is behind the pomp and circumstance. Satan has been POSITIVELY IDENTIFIED as the "Great Deceiver" and "god of this world". Besides thinking about the Military, think about British (and other) Royalty, the Pope and the Roman Catholic 'Church' (as well as other 'Churches'), 'Ivory Tower' types, and all sorts of other organizations which engage in ritualistic behavior and demand (blind) conformity as a condition of membership. The Supreme Court is another good example!

The Lowest Common Denominator of all of the above is 'Negative Spiritual Energy' which is generated within Humanity on a vast and hidden scale by Agents of an other-dimensional Alien Race (Reptilians, spawned by that "Great Dragon" - Satan!). These groups all like to conduct their affairs in pompous and imposing structures, sometimes called 'Temples'. Think of the Federal Reserve building (and many others) in Washington DC - the 'Capitol' and WH, various palaces throughout the world, the Pentagon, the Vatican, 'churches', etc.). Museums (like the Louvre in Paris) and Libraries are often places where the various artifacts of these groups and their deceased Agents are assembled in monumental structures, DESIGNED to inspire 'awe' in a gaping Humanity. Such 'awe' also generates Negative Spiritual Energy, which flows straight into the gaping orifices of the Alien Race. Think especially of the Zionist Slimeballs who worship in the "Synagogue of Satan" (aka 'ISRAEL' and 'NEW KHAZARIA'). FAR OUT - like Planet 'X' and the Annunaki, huh!? If you pay close attention, you will...

and the GRAND DEPRESSION were FAR OUT not long ago!

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