Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yahweh will INCINERATE* Zionism

IF you can SEE!, it will be crystal clear to you that ZIONISM (SATANISM) is the Root of Evil in the world we now live in. Zionist Israel ("New Khazaria") is the latest incarnation of, and current corporate form of the ANTICHRIST. The LONG list of their Crimes against God and Humanity includes 911 and the GRAND DEPRESSION - now in progress. It is ERROR or DECEPTION to cast the root blame on anyone else, including Arabs, Muslims, Republicans, Democrats, Bankers, Wall St., 'Regulators', Bush or ObamaRahm-a. ULTIMATE CONTROL in this world, restricted only by God's Direct Intervention or Permissive Will, is exercised from the...

"Synagogue of Satan" (*)
"The Rebellious House of Israel"
Anyone who tries to place the root blame for Humanity's various predicaments on anyone other than the Zionist Slimeball Agents of the Alien Race is a Zionist Shill (or simply deceived, 'out to lunch' or short some brain cells). The Zionist Slimeballs work with and through various Zionist Stooges (aka Goyim), which THEY (who LIVE!) put in place (including Congress, the WH, the Supreme Court (Kagan or the Sotomayor option), etc.) to do their bidding - OR ELSE! (JFK, et al)

"The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion"
for a detailed explanation of their

THEY (who LIVE!) can be EXPOSED and WILL BE STOPPED DEAD in their slimy and bloody tracks - by none other than Yahweh, through Yahweh's appointed human or celestial agents. SEE! Ezekiel 22:20* for the details.

"The Word of God is Living and Powerful"God's "Terrible, Swift Sword"

The time has come for Yahweh to
Strike the Root of Evil!

"He will also do it"


sol-fan said...

KD is at it again! Now he wants to start a new political party called the anti-federalist party, which sounds good on paper, but neglects to address the #1 problem - The Federal Reserve Act. I'm sure the Zionist super-shill must realize that any kind of political movement will be stillborn and will reform nothing if it doesn't address the illegal interest paid on the money supply.

GodSend said...

I saw the link today about the AFP. It's a doomed diversion - like so many others. KD has correctly identified many of America's enemies who caused the Grand Depression EXCEPT their LCD (Lowest Common Denominator) - Zionist Party membership. Bob Chapman recently wrote a good article about the Fed:

Bob also beats around the bush when it comes to identifying the LCD of the criminals and traitors who have been (and are still) running the Fed.
There is no time for starting new Parties - there is only just enough time for a Hanging Party. OK, make that a Melting Party!