Friday, June 26, 2009

The False Glorification of Man

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Why is the Zionist-controlled Media glorifying Michael Jackson in death - as they glorified him in life? THEY (who LIVE!) want to raise Man, expressed in ultimate carnality, worldly influence and worldly power, to a glorified position of universal admiration and worship. It is the work of the Devil. THEY (who LIVE!) are generating Negative Spiritual Energy within humanity to feed the Alien Race! Placing Man on a pedestal to be idolized, whether it is as 'Entertainer', Scientist, Politician, Financier, Academician, Literary Figure, Sports Hero, TV 'Evangelist', Pope ('Religious' leader) or anything similar, is an act of REBELLION against God and an attempt to remove Him from His rightful place. Nobody does REBELLION against Yahweh better than "the rebellious House of Israel". The Devil will soon place the last Antichrist on a pedestal to be worshiped by humanity. Remember, folks, it is nothing more than the ULTIMATE Polishing of the ULTIMATE turd and placing it (him) on a pedestal. SEE! previous posts.

DO NOT BE DECEIVED!Does he resemble a pillar (tooth) from an Orifice of the Alien Race?!
Are Columbia and NYC hotbeds of Zionism?
Are 'Rahmbo' and 'Bibi' hotheads of Zionism?
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