Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another Die-Hard Zionist Illusionist

There is a MULTITUDE (THEY are Legion!) of Super Zionist Shills (either that or IDIOTS) active throughout the world of Finance and in Cyberspace. Aside from Knish-Mish and Karl D (among hundreds, if not thousands of others), there is another oddball with a HUGE Blind Spot when it comes to recognizing the OBVIOUS - the Zionist Signature on 'Financial Armageddon'. Bill Bonner, over at 'Daily Reckoning', at first blush sounds like a sincere and insightful observer of the Financial Shenanigans being PERPETRATED by Zionists - BUT, Dear Bill is CLUELESS (or DECEPTIVE) in claiming that highly intelligent EXPERTS on the Great Depression (like Sir Alan and Whirly Ben and Tax Cheat Tim) are DUMMIES and are UNABLE to solve the HUGE problems which THEY INTENTIONALLY created. WHY would THEY want to fix a problem which THEY INTENTIONALLY created? WHY would ObamaRahm-a, who is nothing more than a highly polished turd in the firm grip of his Zionist Slimeball handlers, want to EXPOSE Alan, Ben and Tim (among MANY others) for their CRIMINAL and TRAITOROUS activities in DESTROYING the American Economy, when the price he would pay for that is to be FLUSHED down the gurgler? Let's get REAL here! The Zionist Slimeball GAMEPLAN (SEE! "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion") HAS BEEN and STILL IS the DELIBERATE DESTRUCTION of America, through their first-polished and then-appointed "Auslege" Goy turd enthroned in the WH (the Temple and Orifice of the Alien Race).

The simple REASON why all the furious efforts of the Zionist Slimeballs (fully supported by ObamaRahm-a) to supposedly 'FIX' the economic problems are actually MAKING THEM WORSE, is that they are INTENDED to make them worse. THEY are EVIL - NOT DUMMIES! Stop being a Die-Hard Illusionist, Dear Bill!

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