Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Greatest THREAT to America!

Zionist CONTROL of the MEDIA is the 1st Objective of
"The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion"

"We, the Jewish people {he meant Zionists},
and the Americans know it"

[Ariel Sharon - ex-PM of "New Khazaria" (Israel)]

THEY (who LIVE!) have achieved CONTROL of America!

"Black is White"
"War is Peace"
"Arabs did 911"
"Debt is Wealth"
"Israel is America's Ally"
"ObamaRahm-a CHANGE is good"
"Fascism is Democracy"
"Zionism is good for America"
"Jesus loves Zionists"
"Mousavi is not a Mossad agent"
"Iran is a nuclear threat (to Israel)"
"Israel is the Homeland of Jews"
"Khazars don't run 'New Khazaria' (Israel)"
"ObamaRahm-a is not a Kenyan"
"The American economy is in Recovery"
"Zionists don't CONTROL America"
"Hollywood is not controlled by Zionists"
"Nobody cares about who really did 911"
"Holocaust Deniers are terrorists"
"Thoughts are Crimes"
"Hate Laws are loving"
"Torture is just Tough Love"
"Illegal Aliens are legal"
"America is not bankrupt"
(financially AND morally)
"Jesus, if he existed at all,
was just another terrorist"
"Cluster bombs are good"
"White phosphor is good"
"American Military bases in Iraq
do not really exist"
(Anaconda, Viper,Diamondback)
"THEY LIVE! is just a cult flick"
"Lies is Truth"
"Printing money is good for the economy"
"Goldman Sachs does not run America"
"The Federal Reserve is not run by Zionists"
"Financial Markets are not manipulated"
"Economic statistics are not falsified"
"Outsourcing is good for America"
"Down is Up"
"The Patriot Acts are patriotic"
"911 Truth Seekers are terrorists"
"Government critics are terrorists"
"Failure is Success"
"Slavery is Freedom"
"Hell is Heaven"
"Man is God"
"God is gay"

is watching
(and deceiving)

The ALIEN RACE is alive and well
and in CONTROL of America!
(for now)

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