Thursday, July 9, 2009

Audit the Fed or MELT the Zionist Slimeballs?

The Current Crop* of the Zionist-controlled Federal Reserve,
posturing in the Temple and Orifice of the ALIEN RACE
(the mirror image has special significance)
* Genetically Modified

Ron Paul's campaign to 'Audit the Fed' is an EXERCISE IN FUTILITY. Even if his Bill is passed (unlikely), the Audit would be very much like the 911 Commission Report: A WORK OF FICTION and A WASTE OF TIME! There is only ONE effective way to deal with the Zionist Slimeball infestation (including of the Zionist-controlled Federal Reserve), and that is for Yahweh to MELT THEM! (Ezekiel 22:20). Remember that the Root of Evil is to be found in "The Synagogue of Satan" ("New Khazaria", aka ISRAEL). Once the Head of the Medusa is cut off (MELTED, to be precise), the revolting remains of Zionism throughout the world will be ready to be put to the Sword. Whose Sword? Yahweh's Sword (TERRIBLE and SWIFT). Ron Paul's 'Audit the Fed' Bill is a USELESS DIVERSION and would merely play into the slimy tentacles of the Zionist Slimeballs! If there were to be a comprehensive and accurate Audit of the Fed, the Zionist Slimeballs would make sure that it would never see the light of day. Remember, THEY (who LIVE!) CONTROL the Media (and America!). ONLY the COMPLETE ERADICATION of Zionism will SOLVE Humanity's Problem. Yahweh has already announced His Chosen SOLUTION. (Ezekiel 22:20). MAZEL TOV!

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Does he EXPOSE 911 truth?
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Is the NSA just another Zionist-controlled 'Intelligence' Agency?
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sol-fan said...

I totally agree with you about 911 being the ultimate Zionist acid test. I've never met someone that supports the "official" version of the 911 myth that isn't a Zionist.

OTOH, there are some that claim to be against the Zionist version that are also probably Zionist shills (Michael Moore, Alex Jones, etc.) because they never seem to point to the TRUTH. They always come up with some asinine target other than the Zionists. They'll blame GW or whoever, but never the right people.

Anyone with an ounce of common sense should investigate the ultra-Zionist Larry Silverstein, who acquired the WTC just weeks before the "attacks" and that was the first time in the history of the WTC that it had changed ownership. does a good job with the technical aspects of the implosions and how the towers could possibly have fallen from an airplane strike.

GodSend said...

As I stated in other posts, we have truly entered an Orwellian 'Twilight Zone', where 'Black is White', 'War is Peace', etc. Most people are in denial about the true state of the world, even though the facts are there for anyone with a modicum of intelligence to see. This applies especially to highly educated people who are trapped in a dark, mental prison - largely of their own making. Is there a precedent for such thinking? Many people refused to believe the evidence that the Earth is flat - even when the scientific evidence was everywhere.

So it is with 911 truth. The evidence (including scientific) is now readily available that Zionists were the perpetrators - and are the forces behind the cover-up. The Zionist Media simply stonewalls the issue - or ridicules anyone who somehow manages to get their views expressed in the Media. TPTB (like ObamaRahm-a) simply refuse to comment.

Why do Zionists take such an extreme position which OBVIOUSLY flies in the face of the facts? 911 is like Pandora's Box. If the truth about 911 is EVER publicly acknowledged, public opinion would DEMAND a Declaration of War against Israel and the arrest of every Zionist in America (including all the Stooges and Shills).

Result: END of ZIONISM and Israel. Israel would be (justifiably) NUKED by the American Military. That's why THEY have the 'Samson Option'. Just in case!

GodSend said...

PS Imagine what would happen if high-ranking and true American Patriots in the Military, with full knowledge of the Zionist Infiltration and Crimes against America, were to seize control of the Federal Government (and Military) in a Coup (not unheard of in other countries or impossible in America)! What is the FIRST thing they would do, knowing what you and I and many others already know? (That's right!).

Have you seen "Valkyrie"? Yahweh has been known to use human agents to execute His Judgments. THEY know! That's why THEY have the 'Samson Option'.

GodSend said...

PPS Does the word "Kristallnacht" mean anything to you?

GodSend said...

PPPS What's the probability of a Coup in America? Would you believe 100%? Remember, those Zionist Slimeballs are bent on 100% Destruction of America! THEY have a GAMEPLAN.