Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Zionist Federal Reserve: GUILTY!

Here is a Very Clear Statement of the CULPABILITY of (Zionists) Greenspan & Bernanke for INTENTIONALLY launching the Economic Black Hole, otherwise known as 'Financial Armageddon' or the GRAND DEPRESSION, which is now in the process of DEVOURING America, not to mention the rest of the known world! Is George Reisman just another Zionist Shill (like Knish-Mish and Karl D - SEE! previous posts), who points the finger of GUILT clearly at Greenspan & Bernanke WITHOUT stating the OBVIOUS - that THEY (as well as many other Federal Reserve honchos) are ZIONIST SLIMEBALLS? Does he connect the other Zionist Dots (Bloody Blobs) - like 911, the USS Liberty attack, the JFK assassination, the Zionist PNAC-inspired fake 'War on Terror', the Zionist 'Gaza Holocaust', among MANY other ZIONIST SLIMEBALL Bloody Blobs? NO, he does NOT! He fails (miserably) to connect even ONE SELF-EVIDENT ZIONIST SLIMEBALL Bloody Blob!

Draw your own conclusions about where George Reisman's LOYALTIES lie!
HINT: Try "New Khazaria"{ZIONIST ISRAEL}

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