Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Drink from the Rivers of Living Water

"The Truth will make you free"



sol-fan said...

7/29 is tomorrow and I will be watching for an attack by the Zionist pigs.

Having said that, they seem to have pumped enough funny money into the system to hold things together for another year or so, and because of this I don't know that they really NEED to attack imminently. They could easily wait until next year or the year after before pulling another 9/11 sham. I'm sure the next one will be much bigger and "better" from their perspective.

GodSend said...

Remember that I stated that 729 is an interesting number. Whatever date THEY pick, if it's not tomorrow, it's sure to be another interesting number (like 911 was an interesting number). THEY are into interesting numbers in a BIG way. You're right about the pressure on THEM having not yet peaked. You can be sure that just about everything is already in place and THEY are just waiting for the right time (and interesting number) to pull the trigger on 911-II. These things take A LOT of advance planning! (like the 'Samson Option'). You can be certain that the Zionist nukes are already 'forward deployed' in their Embassies or other carefully selected locations. Anyone keeping track of their German-supplied nuclear-armed subs?