Thursday, July 30, 2009

Zionist Malevolence - NOT Idiocy!

That Market Ticker ("The Idiocy...") Super Shill Karl D keeps crying out in outrage about the idiocy of Government, the Fed and the Media, when in fact he KNOWS that Zionist Slimeballs are INTENTIONALLY leading America to 'Financial Armageddon' and THEY have NO INTENTION of taking any steps to solve the problem - being responsible for CAUSING IT in the 1st place! These Zionist Shills keep banging their heads against the wall with this clap-trap, hoping that Americans will 'buy' this DECEPTION. I have (BAD) news for all the deceptive Zionist Slimeball Shills out there: The time will come when the majority of Americans will REALIZE who has been TORMENTING and DECEIVING them.

There will befor


the Zionist Slimeballs and Shills!

ring a bell?There's NO DENYING it - the REAL HOLOCAUST WILL happen!
(Ezekiel 22:20)

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