Sunday, August 2, 2009

JOIN the Army of DEBT Slaves in America!

Who's concealed behind Uncle Sam?
(scroll down for the answer)

The Zionist Slimeballs have 'recruited' Uncle Sam to turn America into a
Slave Camp!

If you are one of those 'lucky' Americans who are taking up Uncle Sam's 'Cash-for-Clunkers' Debt Enslavement Offer* - WELCOME to your future life of Servitude, DEBT and car payments. You are about to be OWNED, like millions of Americans who are already in the Zionist Slimeball SLAVE Camp of DEBT and DEPENDENCE - created by those diabolical Zionist Slimeballs Greenspan & Bernanke, Goldman Sachs, Hanky-Panky Paulson, ObamaRahm-a, etc. Millions of Americans - Retirees (Social Security, Medicare and Disability recipients), Military personnel, Federal employees, Unemployed (Emergency Unemployment Compensation recipients) and others are either already living in the SLAVE Camp or are headed there in the near future. It's only a matter of time before the barbed wire and your blood become visible!

* Guess what's gonna happen to new car sales after the 'wildly popular' Zionist Slimeball 'Cash-for-Clunkers' ENTRAPMENT Offer ends? Guess what's gonna happen to those Jackasses who took up the DEO when they lose their jobs? (and/or homes). If you paid CASH, it's still a Jackass play! Remember this favorite Zionist Slimeball saying: "There's an American Jackass MADE every minute!" (Sometimes THEY prefer the word CATTLE - SEE! previous posts for details).

Ask yourself (BEFORE you leap into DEBT): Am I also a Jackass?

Millions of American Jackasses are MADE (by Zionist Slimeballs) - not born!

"The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion"

Who's concealed behind Uncle Sam?It's the same Zionist Slimeball who did
There are many more like this one!
(many with dual Israeli-American citizenship)
(and ONE without legitimate American citizenship!)

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