Monday, August 3, 2009

Telling it (almost) like it is: ROFL!

That Super Duper Zionist Shill Karl D has outdone himself (again) today, writing brilliantly about the PERVASIVE BANKING FRAUD that continues to conceal their INSOLVENCY and the looming GRAND DEPRESSION - HERE (ROFL!). That letter to Ms. Bair of the FDIC is a classic! So Karl D would like us all to think that THE PROBLEM lies with Ms. Bair, the FDIC, other Regulators and those NASTY BANKERS. Well, TO A DEGREE, that's true - HOWEVER (and it's a very BIG and NASTY HOWEVER), the...


of all those problems (and MANY others) can be easily traced to the doorstep of the Federal Reserve, in particular, the doorsteps of the Zionist Slimeball Sorcerer and ex-Chairman of the Fed Board (and his Apprentice 'Whirly' Ben Bernanke) Sir Alan Greenspan and his 'Death by 1000 Cuts' interest rate policies of several years ago - which, PREDICTABLY, led and are still leading to the...


(including Banking System Insolvency). Now THAT'S telling it like it REALLY is! So, while Karl D's analysis and letter to Ms. Bair are 'right-on-the-money', they are directed to the wrong people. The letter (and Arrest Warrant for TREASON) should have been directed to the Zionist Slimeballs who 'CONTROL AMERICA' (if comatose former Israel PM Ariel Sharon is to be believed - for VERY GOOD REASONS!).

You don't think Karl D will correct his gross mistake and send a copy of his letter to Greenspan, Bernanke, Geithner, Paulson, ObamaRahm-a, etc. and their Zionist Slimeball CONTROLLERS in ISRAEL ("New Khazaria"), do you??? Don't hold your breath! The general idea and mission of the Zionist Slimeball Shills is to CONCEAL and PROTECT the herd of Zionist Swineballs (rhymes with Slimeballs) who are RESPONSIBLE for 911, the JFK assassination, the USS Liberty attack, etc., AND, LAST BUT NOT LEAST, the GRAND DEPRESSION and TOTAL COLLAPSE of America, already in progress - SEE! previous posts for the collection of Bloody Blobs that need to be...


SO MUCH for the Zionist NWO (New World Order)
"Greater Israel"
If anyone thinks that's an exaggeration,
they would be well advised to read
"The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion"
How about LIFETIME FREE RENT for the Zionist Slimeballs

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