Monday, August 10, 2009

America - The Zombie Nation

There is probably no better description for America and a steadily growing number of Americans than 'ZOMBIE' - the 'Walking DEAD'! That description is bound to become more and more accurate as time passes and the GRAND DEPRESSION really gets going - 'According to Plan' of the Zionist Slimeballs who CONTROL Banking and the Money Supply (Federal Reserve) - among MANY other institutions in America. Housing and Unemployment are the most visible indicators of this ZOMBIE state - but there will be many others. In addition to Foreclosures and Tent Cities (realized and pending) and 'Under Water' mortgages (Residential and Commercial RE), there is a HUGE and GROWING 'Shadow' inventory of FOR SALE and FOR LEASE properties, including Condos, incomplete Subdivisions and Commercial RE. That Super Shill Knish-Mish has a good post today ('Zombie Subdivisions') about this HIDDEN problem and OVERSUPPLY of RE, which will continue to exert DOWNWARD PRESSURE on RE Prices for YEARS TO COME (up until 2012). If you're a potential Seller, you MISSED THE BOAT and you are destined to become a DESPERATE Seller! You have Zionist Slimeballs to thank for your predicament! (among MANY other predicaments yet to arrive in full force - Unemployment, Financial Markets CRASH, Bankruptcy, Homelessness, Starvation, MARTIAL LAW, etc.



kendar said...

Speaking of Zombie Nation, a guy I work with came down with the swine flu, or at least that's what the hospital said. He's been out for several days. This got me to thinking that the swine flu must be a bio weapon concocted by Zionist slime and the NWO. Apparently it is a genetically similar strain to the 1918 flu that was somehow cultured from old cadavers and reproduced in a lab. There can only be one good reason why someone would want the killer 1918 flu resurrected - because they want to depopulate the planet. Not becasue they want to "study it" like the liars say. These guys truly are evil reptiles just like you've been saying.

Some doctor came on a radio program the other night and said that H1N1 combines elements of swine, avian, and human flu strains in a way that could only be accomplished in a lab with the direct purpose of creating a deadly virus. These strains don't just combine on a whim. It has to be a deliberate and concerted effort to bring them together in just the right way to create a pandemic. Sounds like a bio weapon to me. Also, the MSM is working overtime by hyper-exposing the H1N1 threat on every station to get everybody on board with getting a flu shot. Classic scare tactics and the WHO is on board by declaring a stage 6 pandemic when in reality the flu hasn't killed that many people. At least, not yet.

The word going around is that there are already 190 million H1N1 "vaccines" ready for general use in the US. Similar large numbers of these "vaccines" in other countries have been prepared and are ready to go. The other thing I heard is that the "vaccine" may not kill you immediately, but will be latent in some way and will need to be combined with a different "vaccine" to create a killer combination that wipes people out by the hundreds of millions. In this manner it will be very stealth and people won't start dropping dead immediately after getting the first shot. This will be like Gulf War syndrome times a billion. My guess is the reptiles have been wanting this for a while and the avian flu scare of the last couple of years wasn't quite cutting it so they needed something more powerful that could spread among humans.

As for me, they will have to put me in a Halliburton prison camp and cut my appendages off before I will submit to their deadly needles. Hopefully God is paying attention to this troubling development and will seek retribution on their satanic reptiles heads!

Anonymous said...

Here is Jane Burgermeister's site where she talks about "90,000 sites in the USA to get the WHO bioweapon vaccine in the largest public health initiative ever in the USA" WTF?!?!?!

It's seriously gun loading time imho. The Zionist NWO monsters are ready to take total control and wipe everybody out!!!!

GodSend said...

There is no doubt that the Swine flu was concocted by the (Zionist) Swineballs (rhymes with Slimeballs) in one of their Genetic Engineering Labs. We will need that 'vaccine' like we need another hole in the head. I'm sure the Swineballs will be accommodating in that regard, too, if Push comes to Shove! Remember that these Reptilians and their Alien Race masters KNOW that THEY will soon end up as Swine Goo when Yahweh paves Paradise and turns the Zionist Swineball 'Homeland' ("New Khazaria") into a Parking lot. The only remaining questions are HOW and WHEN He will Just Do It.

GodSend said...

PS And don't count out American, Russian, Pakistani or even Israeli nukes to do the MELTING. Mordecai Vanunu taught us that sabotage against the Zionist Slimeballs is not out of the question! There are Israelis who know that they are trapped in the Synagogue of Satan - perhaps for a 'Mission for God'. Some of those are undoubtedly in the IDF or even Mossad and are just waiting for a Sign from Above.

GodSend said...

PPS The 'Samson Option' will be futile against an 'Inside Job'!