Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Hallmark of Zionist Shillism

Here's a FAIL-SAFE HINT on how to recognize a Zionist Shill in Cyberspace: Their analysis of the symptoms of America's TERMINAL DISEASE leading to the GRAND DEPRESSION and American Zombiehood is brilliant BUT THEY NEVER mention the word ZIONIST (or JEW) or in any other way connect the MANY Bloody Blobs of Zionism in their writing. Besides Knish-Mish (Mike Shedlock), Karl Denninger of Market Watch, (Captain) Mike Morgan , Bill Bonner (Daily Reckoning) and Mike Whitney (latest post here), there are literally HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS of these Zionist Slimeball PLANTS throughout Cyberspace. Their posts are worth reading BUT keep in mind that THEY work for the interests of Zionism and the existence of "The Synagogue of Satan" and PLANNED DESTRUCTION of America through the ZIONIST MATRIX will NEVER be acknowledged by THEM. Another clue is that THEY will DENY the HOLOCAUST (911 Truth - now SELF-EVIDENT) and all other 'False-Flag' attacks by Zionist Israel agents (Mossad) on America. Ultimately, THEY are intent on saving Zionist (Slimeball) Asses - including their OWN - from the WRATH of MILLIONS of ZIO-Zombified Americans. If YOU (or YOUR children, relatives, friends and neighbors) are not among those ZIO-Zombified Americans already, the chances are that YOUR turn WILL come VERY SOON - before 2012!

Caveat Emptor!

Any more questions?

And what about the "Israel-Occupied Territory"
of the US CONgress (Sen. Fulbright)

Yep, it's

(only MORE of it!)

Would YOU like an All-Expenses-Paid Junket to Israel?
Sorry, that BRIBERY is RESERVED for Zionist Israel Ass Kissers
in CONgress, Governors and Mayors (Villaraigosa)
and other DONORS to Israel!

"Viva la Raza Zionista!""Look at those Palestinians BURN in white phosphor!"

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