Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dead "Lion of the Senate"?

Click on Photo for 'Inconvenient Truth about Teddy'
He was a TRAINED 'Lion of the Senate' - TRAINED by the Zionist ADL!
The US Senate is "Israel-Occupied Territory" (Sen. Fulbright)

NOTE how the Zionist-controlled MainStream Media (MSM)


one of their TRAINED Pet Performers!

There are DOZENS of such TRAINED Pet Performers in American Politics.
(PERFORMING when their ZIONIST TRAINERS crack their whips)

"Oh YES, MASSAH {sounds like 'MOSSAD'}
I WILL appoint Ben to another term as Chairman of the FED!"
(ObamaRahm-a, TRAINED by Rahmbo, Axelrod, etc.)

Watch the Zionist MSM go HYPER in a Feeding Frenzy for the Alien Race!
Capitol staffers, feeding the Alien Race.(Re-Run of the Michael Jackson Feeding Frenzy)

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