Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Manitoba Orifice of the Alien Race

Henry Makow, PhD, wrote (2007) an excellent article on the hidden symbolism of the Manitoba Legislature and related issues pertaining to the Global Luciferian Cult (Satanism) which is in the process of EXPOSING itself - as well as BEING EXPOSED - as Humanity enters the End Times. If you are familiar with the Origin and Nature of the ALIEN RACE (SEE! previous posts in this Blog), you will instantly recognize the (Temple) Orifice of the ALIEN RACE in the photo of the Manitoba Legislature (it's a MOUTHFUL, so-to-speak! In fact, it's a MULTI MOUTHFUL - a feature of some REPTILIAN ALIENS). These Orifices of the ALIEN RACE are designed to GENERATE as well as COLLECT Negative Spiritual Energy from Humanity (SEE! previous posts on this Blog, including LINKS). Think of them as FEEDING TROUGHS for SWINEBALLS (rhymes with SLIMEBALLS)!

Where else can you SEE! similar structures that look like the above (Temple) Orifice with Pillars (Teeth)? - IF you can SEE! YUP! - you can SEE! (or just see) them ALL OVER THE WORLD, including many from ANTIQUITY with many broken teeth. The ALIEN RACE, which lives in another Dimension (like Lucifer), has been around for a VERY LONG TIME, feeding on the Negative Spiritual Energy (generated by Violence, War, Torture, Death, Suffering, Rebellion against Yahweh {God}, Worship of Idols, Dabbling in the OcCULT, etc.) of Humanity. STUDY this Blog CAREFULLY and TOTALLY, and you may finally SEE! things which you have NEVER SEE!n before. You may have Dreamed about THEM, however. Those Dreams (NIGHTMARES) will soon come ALIVE!

Remember, Satan (Lucifer) is also known as the
Devil, Mammon, Dragon (Reptile), 'Great Deceiver' and
"god of this world"

Anything look familiar about JFK's 'Summer WH'?
(mourning Teddy's passing)

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