Thursday, September 3, 2009

911 Truth: DEATH for Israel and Zionists


"Lucky Larry Silverstein (Zionist Super Slimeball): "PULL IT!"

"What about the Pentagon?", you ask.

Before very long, the truth about Zionist Israel's KEY ROLE in the 911 'Attack on America' will become SELF-EVIDENT (requiring no further proof). For the keen mind and astute observer of world events, that time has already passed! The lame but vicious (name-calling, what else!) attempts by Ultra Zionist Shills like Karl Denninger (August 3, 2009 post) to ridicule and discredit people like Jim Willie (SEE! earlier posts and links on this Blog) who only hint at WTC#7's mysterious collapse into its own footprint (a CONTROLLED DEMOLITION), is indicative of the DESPERATION which is increasing DAILY in the Zionist Slimeball SEWERS. Their days among the living are NUMBERED to a precious few, Thank God! Christopher Bollyn's book about 911 is due for publication very soon and it will put another nail into the Zionists' COFFIN. After that, you can expect the ENTIRE Zionist Slime-Ball of 'FALSE-FLAG' Ops to UNRAVEL - including the JFK assassination, the USS Liberty attack, the GRAND DEPRESSION and MANY other Zionist ATROCITIES committed against America, against Palestinians and against the entire world. When that day arrives, there will be NO PLACE TO RUN (or SLITHER) for the Zionist Slimeballs - except "New Khazaria" (Israel). Many Zionist Criminals have already escaped to Israel to seek refuge from International Law. What will await THEM in Israel? SEE! the previous post.

"Rebellious House of Israel"


sol-fan said...

Actually you bring up a really good point here and something I hadn't thought of. I often wondered how exactly God was going to melt the reptiles and separate them from the good guys, although I had no doubt that He could actually do it. If the tide of public opinion shifts and all of a sudden people get real angry and start driving out the shills and reptiles, they may very well slither back to Israel. And like a giant honey pot, God will collect them all in one place and then melt them. Good plan!

GodSend said...

It's inevitable that the tide of public opinion will shift against those Zionist Slimeballs - as soon as most Americans are convinced by the overwhelming body of EVIDENCE which will come to light and finally to their attention (through my website and this Blog, for example). When millions and millions and more millions of Americans and their children are suffering (unemployment, foreclosures, bankruptcy, staggering debt, H1N1 virus, etc.) they will want the blood of those Zionist Slimeballs who are responsible for their abject misery and stolen lives of their children. At that time (and shortly before because those Zionist Slimeballs are NOT stupid), THEY must make a tough choice: Stay and HANG (maybe worse) or flee to Israel and MELT. I think that's called 'Hobson's' Choice. In God's Universe, where there is CRIME, there WILL be Punishment. It's INEVITABLE. Ezekiel 22:20 is a PROMISE - and God ALWAYS keeps His PROMISES.

God's GATHERING in Israel has been going on for some time now - it's ALMOST complete. 911 will prove to be the Zionist Slimeballs' ULTIMATE UNDOING. It was actually a SLOPPY JOB!

GodSend said...

PS A note of caution about the 'good guys'. It's not unusual for there to be 'collateral damage' when God executes His Judgment (that's Scriptural with precedents!). He is primarily concerned with 2 kinds of people: His people and Christ's enemies (Satanists = Zionists). Unless you are one of God's 'Overcomers' (those are the ONLY people who God will protect), you had best stay out of God's way (AWAY from Israel and the immediate vicinity). In fact, I recommend staying out of the ME altogether! SEE! my website for more about God's 'Overcomers' and their future.