Wednesday, September 2, 2009

WHO will do the 'Unthinkable' to Zionist Israel?

So, considering all the horrendous 'unthinkables' which the Israeli and American Zionist Slimeballs HAVE DONE and ARE STILL DOING to America, especially LATELY with 911 and the GRAND DEPRESSION (with DIRE CONSEQUENCES affecting the entire Human Race - SEE! the August 25, 2009 post and the rest of this Blog), what, pray tell, should America and the Human Race DO to Israel IN RETURN? When tempted to scream: "Nuke Zionist Israel back to the Stone Age!", or "Wipe the Zionist Slimeball Rogue Nation Off the Map!", or "An Eye for an Eye!" (resulting in an entire Nation going BLIND), or "Guillotine THEM!", or "CRUCIFY THEM!", or some similar, well-deserved retribution, DO REMEMBER that Yahweh has already revealed His JUDGMENT on THEM! - in Ezekiel 22:20:

"As men gather
silver, bronze, iron, lead, and tin
into the midst of a furnace,

to blow fire on it, to melt it;
so I will gather you
{the rebellious house of Israel}
in My anger and in My fury,
and I will leave you there
and melt you."

All of a sudden, the 'Right of Return' doesn't sound all that attractive!

"The Word of God is living and powerful"

He also proclaimed:

"Vengeance is MINE. I will RECOMPENSE"
RememberLet Him have 'His Way' with THEM!

He also said:

"My Thoughts are Higher
than your thoughts"


Darth Toll said...

The other problem with just nuking Israel is that a lot of the reptilian scum doesn't live there! What is most ironic is that the Protocols call for the formation of the state of Israel and all of this other stuff in support of said goal, and the Zionist rats subscribe to the theory and concept of a state of Israel, and yet they don't actually want to live there. And why would you want to live in Israel when money is no object and you can print your fiat currency which the sheeple will gladly take and live wherever you want? Mostly the rats live in Europe, specifically Switzerland and England, although they (and their agents) are literally everywhere.

That is the toughest part of a direct assault on the Synagogue of Satan. They are quite devious and deceptive and have infiltrated almost every part of society and place on the map. It will take a lot of effort and patience to flush out the sneaky rats. Unfortunately there is no good litmus test to identify who they are. I truly wish I could put on a paid of sunglasses and see the reptiles for what they are! But I can't, so that's why we must have God fry them.

GodSend said...

'Rats' has a lot going for it, although I prefer 'Slimeballs' to denote their reptilian nature and origin. And you're right, the Protocols and the ex-Grand Rabbi of Istanbul advised that THEY become like chameleons and adapt to their environment to conceal THEMselves - whether it be in a Christian, Muslim, Hindu or any other kind of community. Some are even fake Messianic 'Jews'! (who love Zionist Israel). Can Yahweh flush THEM out from the Dark during His 'Gathering'? You betcha! As I said in an earlier post, any remains of Zionism will be despatched with God's "terrible, swift sword". Ouch!

There is one good acid test to detect the Zionist Slimeballs (and their shills) - ask THEM about 911. THEY will swear up and down and sideways on a stack of the Talmud that 19 crazed Arabs did it. Gotcha! :)

GodSend said...

PS 'Melt' requires a lot more heat than 'fry'! - but you got the general idea.

GodSend said...

PPS The general region in question (for the Zionist Slimeball Melt) is the origin of 'Desert Glass' which was used by the ancient Egyptians to adorn themselves. The source of the tremendous heat required to produce 'Desert Glass' has mystified scientists. An approaching comet (re-run) would definitely do it. See my website for details and photo.

Darth Toll said...

"There is one good acid test to detect the Zionist Slimeballs (and their shills) - ask THEM about 911. THEY will swear up and down and sideways on a stack of the Talmud that 19 crazed Arabs did it. Gotcha! :)"

Oh man, that is so TRUE!!!! Have you seen KD's latest rant, calling Jim Willie brainless for questioning the "official" version of the 911 hoax?

He even threatened to perma-ban any "troofer" statement. LOL! Here's a key part of the rant: "You need to explain how literal thousands of people all remain uncorrupted forever - through sickness and health, deathbeds and all, lest just one of them pass, in their last moments, a single piece of paper or electronic record that proves beyond all possible doubt that any of these allegations are in fact true, because if just one of these people flips and "spills the beans" its all over, and yet each and every one of those allegations is worth literal billions in bribes and extortion payments to get someone to roll over."

Uh, I can easily explain this KD. It's called the Protocols of Zion. These fanatics will carry their secret to the grave if necessary. And if one of them does speak up, the Zionist shills in the media can make sure nobody ever finds out about it. Simple huh? They believe they are doing the right thing for the return of the "King" of Zion. Really they are preparing for the anti-christ and Satan. KD either knows the plan, or he is a hopeless true-believer brainwashed shill.

GodSend said...

It's easy to detect Zionist shills like KD, 'Mish' and hundreds, maybe thousands of others who simply refuse to mention 911. Their typical response to 911 truth tellers when boxed into a corner is the tinfoil hat claim (or worse). Never mind that now only a Zionist, Zionist shill, complete idiot or someone living under a rock doesn't KNOW that the 'Official' 911 explanation is a blatant LIE and Deception, repeated ad infinitum by the Zionist-controlled MSM. Pretty soon, Chris Bollyn's book about 911 will thoroughly discredit the 'Official' Lie - but it's not really necessary. I was unaware of KD's response to Jim Willie but it's what can be expected. Remember, WHEN the truth about 911 has to be officially acknowledged, it's 'CURTAINS' for Israel and the Zionist Slimeballs. Therefore, THEY will continue to deny the truth and become the modern-day 'flat-earthers' - until Yahweh's MELTING disposes of THEM and their insane arguments.

GodSend said...

PS If I remember correctly, I was banned from KD's Blog after 1 day (it might have been more than a day). The interesting thing about him and 'Mish' and other Bloggers on the economy is that they are VERY GOOD at explaining the details of what's happening but they NEVER, EVER connect the Zionist dots that are staring any intelligent observer in the face about who engineered 'Financial Armageddon' (the GRAND DEPRESSION), who did 911 and who is responsible for the 'War of Terror'. It's as if Zionism doesn't exist! Now that's Orwellian!