Sunday, October 11, 2009

911 PLANE Answer: NO Passengers!

Here's something to do if you are CURIOUS about 911 and have plenty of time on your hands: Track down and POSITIVELY IDENTIFY the (alleged) 246 passengers which were (allegedly) on board those (alleged) 4 airplanes of which NO wreckage was found and POSITIVELY IDENTIFIED anywhere! NO PLANES, NO PASSENGERS, NO BODIES, NO REMAINS, NO LUGGAGE, NO MOURNING RELATIVES. Just a bunch of names of (hypothetical) hijackers, (hypothetical) passengers and (hypothetical) airliners - and ONE perfectly intact 'hijacker' PASSPORT. A few holes most likely made by MISSILES and MINI-NUKES, though. Imagine that!

Missile strikes Pentagon - No Plane in sight!

WTC #6 Hole in Ground

The only CONFIRMED VICTIMS are occupants of WTC#1 and WTC#2!


Zionists Were Complicit in 911 said...

Yes, especially at the Pentagon, we're shown that the "airliner" was obliterated, yet they identified all the "passengers" with viable DNA samples collected from the crash site???

We're supposed to believe an airliner basically vaporized, but delicate DNA made it through intact!!!

GodSend said...

We are truly living in the Twilight Zone when TPTB (Zionist Slimeballs and their Stooges) can continue to stonewall self-evident truth about 911 and continue to get away with it. Meanwhile, they are goosing the Stock Market like there is no tomorrow and (almost) everyone thinks that the Grand Depression is over. (Not a chance!). My (educated) guess is that the BIG Zionist MELT is not far off! The intriguing question is, with 6 million in Israel and 6 million in America, will Yahweh roll a double 6?