Friday, October 2, 2009

Unemployment at 9.8%? - You Wish!

Zionist Slimeball Bernanke fires his ONLY MAGIC BULLET at America:

BANG - you're DEAD!The Zionist Slimeball 'DEMONIC DUO'
(Sorcerer & Apprentice)

The Zionist-controlled MSM, in COLLUSION with the Zionist-controlled Federal Government, is up to its usual TRICKS these days with publishing misleading Unemployment stats. The REAL Unemployment rate is nowhere near 9.8%! Would you believe 20+% and rapidly approaching 25%? The VAST POOL of Unemployed who have dropped off the 'official' government stats is getting vaster and vaster. Then there is another VAST POOL of Unemployed and Underemployed who are not counted - Independent Consultants, Contractors, formerly Self-employed and Part-time employed, College Grads who never found a job, etc. ('Officially' Not In Labor Force). The American economy is GRINDING to a HALT (SEE! previous posts) and its all part of the...

(CUD for 'Cattle')

The GRAND DEPRESSION is alive and well and living all over America - while more and more millions of Americans are suffering - and SOON dying. No amount of Federal GOOSING of the Economy with phony, low-paying jobs, wasteful 'Cash-for-Clunkers' and 'Cash-for-Homebuyers', funded by 'hot-off-the-press' fiat $$$ DEBT, stolen from American tax payers, is gonna save the American Economy - or restore millions of lost, meaningful jobs. The SOLUTION? Round up the Zionist Slimeballs responsible for this HORRIBLE MESS and corral them in the Halliburton-built GULAGS. Then force the dual citizen (America and Israel) Zionist Slimeballs to exercise their 'Right of Return' and do the same with the other TRAITORS to America. Yahweh's JUDGMENT (Ezekiel 22:20) awaits THEM! in "New Khazaria" (Israel). SEE! the rest of this Blog for other Options.


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