Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Consumer 'Confidence' Game

Ever wonder who makes up that 'statistically meaningless' SAMPLE of mushroom-eating and pot-smoking Consumers whose highly tainted opinions the Conference Board uses to 'make up' its monthly 'Confidence' numbers? Do you suppose they ask any of the 20 million or so UNEMPLOYED Americans or the 38 million (and growing) Americans who are supported by FOOD STAMPS what they think the future holds? Do you think they ask the millions of Americans who already lost their homes to Foreclosure - or are in the process of doing so - or will likely do so after their Option-ARM loans reset in the next 2+ years? How about the millions who have enormous Credit Card debt which they can NEVER hope to repay? How about those who just got 'Cash for Clunkers' and promptly exchanged it for around 5 years of CAR PAYMENTS which they didn't have before this 'Government Gift for the Gullible'? How about those with astronomical MEDICAL BILLS or STUDENT LOANS which they can NEVER hope to pay off, especially without a decent and permanent job? How about the millions who have been and are continuing to work 32-hour weeks, taking a 20% PAY CUT for the foreseeable future? Are they asked?

'Investors' who get their 'economic indicators' and investment tips from the Conference Board Consumer 'Confidence' numbers would be better off consulting the Oracle at Delphi or a toss of chicken entrails (or whatever Voodoo cultists use to peek into the future). Any Consumer who is or should expect to be in any of the above groups (at least 50% of Americans) will take the 'Confidence Index' to ZERO or less. These Conference Board 'Confidence' numbers rank with government economic statistics as the lowest-grade BS which is fanned into the American Public's faces by the Zionist-controlled MainStream Media each month.


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