Monday, September 28, 2009

The 'Controlled Demolition' of America

Think about what you see
behind the 'Thinker'!
Can you SEE!?

Think of the Federal Reserve as a TIME BOMB, planted in America by Zionist Slimeballs MANY years ago, designed to slowly reduce the American Economy to RUBBLE. Think of the American Financial System as a Zionist Slimeball-engineered array of DEBT BOMBS, ticking furiously and ready to GO OFF in rapid succession like a string of NUKE FIRECRACKERS (the GDP and TAX BOMBS {green numbers} should be counting DOWN - NOT UP!). Think of the CONTROL of Congress by Zionist Slimeballs ("Congress is Israel-Occupied Territory" per Sen. Fulbright) MANY years ago as a powerful force to AID and CONCEAL the 'Controlled Demolition' of America. Think of the extraordinary influence (CONTROL) of the 'Israel Lobby' on the 'Selection' of Clinton, Bush and ObamaRahm-a (as well as their predecessors) as a part of the Zionist Slimeball strategy to enable execution of the 'Controlled Demolition' of America from the highest level of government. Think of the Zionist Slimeball CONTROL of the Judiciary (Supreme Court, AG and Zionist Judge Hellerstein, gate-keeping all lawsuits against the 911 Zionist perpetrators) as a means to SUPPRESS the identity of the PLANNERS of the 'Controlled Demolition' of America. Think of Zionist Stooges like Giuliani and others as 'front-men' and 'Auslege Goy' to DISPOSE of the EVIDENCE after STAGE I (911) of the visible 'Controlled Demolition' of America was triggered. Think of the Zionist Slimeball SEIZURE of the MainStream Media (MSM) over the course of MANY years, as the means to CONTROL American Public Opinion and perception of REALITY, so that the 'Controlled Demolition' of America can be 'officially' and unofficially hidden. Think of the INFESTATION of America by Zionist Slimeball Shills as another component of the Zionist PLAN to CONTROL and CONCEAL the true IDENTITY of the Zionist Slimeballs who are PULLING OFF the 'Controlled Demolition' of America. Think of ALL the Zionist Slimeballs appointed to IMPORTANT OFFICES in the Federal Bureaucracy (Chertoff, Geithner, Bernanke, etc.) as AGENTS (Sayanim) to PULL OFF the 'Controlled Demolition' of America and its AFTERMATH. (GULAGS coming SOON). Think of (and READ)...


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