Saturday, September 26, 2009

Israel to allow Inspection of its Nuke Sites!

In accordance with the maxim "What's good for the Goose is good for the Gander", Zionist Israel will allow the FULL INSPECTION of its NUKE SITES! Not only that, THEY will make public where all of its Nukes are deployed and targeted, in addition to disclosing where and how it 'obtained' the know-how, weapons-grade uranium and other materials to build the BOMB. The MOSSAD and IDF have been tight-lipped on this question. There should be NO DOUBT in anyone's mind what Israel had and has 'up its sleeve', after this Disclosure. Mordechai Vanunu has been especially invited to guide the Investigations - since he knows the 'lay of the land' around Dimona, so-to-speak. Will miracles never cease!? It has yet to be established whether Israel or Iran is the Goose.

In a related 'believe-it-or-not' News item, Israel has (again) reassured Frau Merkel that the 3 (5 as of 1 October, 2009) nuclear-capable ATTACK submarines, delivered by Germany to Israel for a bargain-basement price ("Have I got a deal for you!" - 2 of them were outright gifts), have been deployed on strictly defensive missions in the Strait of Hormuz, less than 10 miles from Iran's borders, armed with copies of the Talmud. Israel reaffirmed (again) that it will only use WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction - like the Talmud) and other illegal weapons, including White Phosphor shells and Cluster Bombs, when its 'Very Existence' is threatened - like it was in Gaza and Lebanon by home-made Qassam rockets and rock-throwing civilians. (Right!)

FOX News and Rupert Murdoch would not confirm these stories until they checked their 'INDEPENDENT' SOURCES in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.


An Explosive and Exclusive story involving the ME (Middle East)...



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