Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Global Debt Crisis - and EXPLOSION!

Astronomical DEBT is not a problem unique to America. The Zionist Slimeballs are engaged in engineering a GLOBAL MELT-DOWN (not to be confused with Yahweh's MELT-DOWN of the "Rebellious House of Israel" - Ezekiel 22:20), with a 2nd front in the outliers of the European Union - Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, etc. representing a buffer zone in DEEP TROUBLE. Beyond this TEETERING buffer zone, utter CHAOS looms in places like Ireland, Lithuania, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, Romania, etc. THIRD WORLD countries will soon become LOST WORLD countries!

These DEBT cracks on the perimeter of the EU threaten to BREAK the EU into so many pieces of independent nations, DESPERATE to avoid 'Financial Armageddon' at home. Meanwhile, the governments of these deeply troubled countries are looking around for CREDITOR saviors - particularly CHINA. Greedy 'Investors' are gobbling up DEBT offerings of these troubled countries with troubled assets (sound familiar?) because they offer HIGH interest rates (reflecting HIGH RISK premiums). Can greedy 'Investors' and CHINA 'save' the world from 'Financial Armageddon'? NOT if the Zionist Slimeballs have anything to do with it! THEY! are out to WRECK, not just the American economy (and society) but the GLOBAL economy and civilization as we (used to) know it!

think of Humanity as "CATTLE"!

SEE!ing is Believing!
"Oh say - can you SEE!?"
Zionism = Nazism = Satanism

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