Friday, January 29, 2010

Zionist MSM BS: Economy growing again

The 'Double-Dip' Deflationary (GRAND) Depression of 2006-2012

The Zionist-controlled MSM (MainStreamMedia) would have us believe that the American economy is growing again - 5.7% GDP growth in the last quarter of 2009, to be exact. Meanwhile, ObamaRahm-a thinks he can create millions of new, meaningful jobs out of thin air - by Executive Edict and with more Federal Debt! Trumpeting GDP 'growth' from a shriveled-up (inventory) base and generated from financial finagling is DECEPTIVE, at best and CRIMINAL, at worst. The Zionist Slimeballs who CONTROL America (according to A. Sharon) are DECEPTIVE as well as CRIMINAL! The American economy will turn around IF and when there is a NET INCREASE in PRIVATE SECTOR jobs - NOT before! Given that Verizon Wireless has just announced it will ELIMINATE about 13,000 MORE jobs this year and that Commercial RE is COLLAPSING, don't hold your breath, waiting for a miraculous RECOVERY! More likely, the American economy will CONTINUE to COLLAPSE - including Financial Markets. Got a job? Got a good job? Got an Unemployment Extended Benefits check? State Unemployment Benefit Plans are going BANKRUPT! Entire CITIES and STATES and their Pension Plans are going BANKRUPT!

There is NO EXIT from the coming CALAMITY!


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