Sunday, March 21, 2010

"...and lead us not into temptation..."

"OK, how about the WH AND the Nobel Peace Prize?"

When the Word of God (which is "living and powerful") speaks to us about "powers and principalities of Darkness in the heavenlies", who are engaged with the "Sons of Light" (God's sons) in spiritual warfare with the "Sons of Darkness" (Satan's offspring), what, exactly, is God telling us? Does it have anything to do with the Israeli Zionist Slimeballs (ZioNazis and Satanists) who did 911 and who are in the process of DESTROYING America? Who (and what) are THEY! - really? Who is this ALIEN RACE of REPTILIANS I keep warning about, whose Orifices (through which THEY! feed on human Negative Spiritual Energy and human Souls) can be found all over this planet, constructed by their Agents from antiquity through to the present?

When Jesus the Christ was tempted by the Devil with dominion and worldly power over the Devil's domain (planet Earth), He REJECTED the offer and RESISTED (OVERCAME) the temptations. Humanity, likewise, is continually tempted by the Devil to succumb to his authority by accepting his offers of SELF-gratification, Wealth, Worldly Possessions, Fame, etc. A good and recent example is the Israeli Zionist Slimeball offer of the WH to Barry Soetoro (ObamaRahm-a), with all the EGO-satisfying trappings of that Office. THEY! threw in the Nobel Peace Prize, just for laughs!

DELIVERANCE from the Devil and his demons (who are LEGION) is obtained by RESISTING those temptations and OVERCOMING the urges of the "Abominable SELF". God's HELP and GRACE are required to resist the Devil's temptations. That's why Jesus told us to PRAY to His (and Our) Father, Who art in Heaven - and Whose Name (HASHEM) is to be HALLOWED.

The ALIEN RACE are those demons (offspring) of Satan, the "Great Dragon" (Reptilian), who POSSESS human victims and turn them into Satanists (worshipers of Satan). That's what Israeli and Israeli/American Zionist Slimeballs (and other "Illuminati" and "New Age" Mammon/Lucifer worshipers) REALLY are! When Jesus the Christ called THEM vipers, He described their REPTILIAN origin and nature.

When Jesus tells us to "love your enemies", is He talking about the Devil-possessed Zionist Slimeballs who are the ENEMIES of God and, more specifically, the ENEMIES of His Son, Jesus the Christ? Heaven forbid! He says: "RESIST THE DEVIL". We are DELIVERED from the Evil One (Devil) when we RESIST and OVERCOME all the efforts of the ALIEN RACE and its Agents (demon-possessed Zionist Slimeballs, etc.) to DECEIVE and DESTROY us! THEY! are ANTI-CHRISTS with all the attributes of REPTILIANS - cold-blooded, callous, cruel, cunning and carnivorous. Their actions (911, USS Liberty attack, JFK assassination, MANY other "False-Flag" deceptions, MURDER of Palestinian civilians, Organ "harvesting", Arafat poisoning, deliberately causing the GRAND DEPRESSION, etc.) reflect their violent, murderous and sub-human nature!


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