Friday, May 21, 2010

Dr. Alan Sabrosky: "Israel (Mossad) did 911"

Dr. Alan Sabrosky, who has significant and relevant credentials and credibility to speak on this subject (see previous posts), recently participated in several interviews to make it known that "The American Military (Brass) KNOW that Israel did 911". Since giving those interviews, Dr. Sabrosky seems to have disappeared from cyberspace - perhaps to "reconsider" his remarks and their IMPLICATIONS, no doubt "encouraged" to do so by the "Zionist Lobby", AIPAC, the ADL, the ZOA, etc. What ARE some of those IMPLICATIONS?

If the Military Brass KNOWS that Israel is responsible for the 911 Attack on America, then we and they can safely assume that ObamaRahm-a, members of Congress and the leaders of the Democratic and Republican parties ALSO KNOW that Israel did 911. Their obvious SILENCE on this topic and continuing COVER-UP of this heinous Attack on America and protection given to the ZIONIST CRIMINALS, is therefore TREASON!

Military officers swear an Oath of Allegiance to the Constitution - and to uphold it against ALL enemies, Foreign (Israel) AND Domestic (the President, members of Congress, Pentagon civilians, etc.). Clearly, Military officers KNOW that ObamaRahm-a is NO LONGER their legal Commander-in-Chief (if he was EVER legal - see Lt. Col. Terry Lakin) and President - and that they have a Constitutional DUTY to REMOVE him (and other members of the Federal government) from power and appoint/empower an INTERIM government, until a new and LEGITIMATE President and government can be duly elected.

If the Military Brass FAIL to perform their Constitutional DUTY
they must be held accountable by the American People for their...
Dereliction of DUTY - and also be charged with TREASON!We're now getting down to "Brass Tacks"!
Just WHO are these guys praying to?
Notice the REPTILIAN "Eye of Horus"!
How many "pyramids" can you find in the photo?
Does the "uniformity" trigger something in your mind?
Is it an urge to OBEY - and NOT THINK!?
UNIformed figures of authority are designed to create an urge to...



If the TRAITORS are not removed from Office,
the American People will be forced
to take matters into their own (well-armed) hands!
In that case,
"There Will Be Blood!"

As Thomas Jefferson warned:
That time is RAPIDLY approaching!

Can the Military (including the National Guard)
be expected to or FORCED to obey ILLEGAL ORDERS,
including taking actions against their own families and fellow-Americans?

Ask your son, brother, dad or other relative in the Military!
Does anyone from the Viet Nam era remember "fragging"?
Any Military or National Guard officer, issuing an ILLEGAL ORDER,
had better think twice BEFORE issuing that order!

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