Thursday, May 13, 2010

FLASH: Blue Ribbon Panel to investigate Zionists!

A 'Blue Ribbon' Panel will be formed to investigate the alleged SUBVERSIVE, CRIMINAL, TERRORIST and TRAITOROUS activities of dual Israel-American citizens as well as some Americans and Israeli resident "sayanim" and "katsas". The Panel will investigate individuals as well as organizations and EVENTS - such as 911, the USS Liberty attack, the OKC bombing, the JFK assassination, etc. and the role of various American 'Officials' and politicians who are alleged to have ILLEGALLY COVERED UP these activities and criminally DECEIVED the American public. The Panel will have the equivalent of Congressional subpoena powers, take evidence under Oath and issue CRIMINAL indictments as well as ARREST warrants. The investigations and public hearings will be broadcast LIVE and UNEDITED on several major networks, still to be announced. The Panel is currently prioritizing its list of targets but preliminary indications are that the following individuals, organizations and events will be near the TOP of the list:

"Rahmbo" Emanuel
Rabbi Dov Zakheim
Michael Chertoff
Sir Alan Greenspan
Ben Bernanke
Tim Geithner
Alvin Hellerstein
"Lucky" Larry Silverstein
former NYC mayor Giuliani
former president George "Dubya" Bush
Colin Powell
"Rummy" Rumsfeld
B'Nai B'Rith
USS Liberty attack
JFK assassination
Federal Reserve "Bank"
Treasury Department
Homeland Security
former VP Cheney
Joseph Biden
Joseph Lieberman
"Hanky-Panky" Paulson
Lloyd Blankfein
Goldman Sachs
Ivy League Universities
"Hollywood" Studios
New York Times
Los Angeles Times
Wall St. Journal
George Steinbrenner
Hillary Clinton
Bill Gates
Nancy Pelosi
Booze Allen
all other Zionists appointed to
Federal Government positions
the Afghanistan Invasion
the Iraq Invasion
"Patriot" Acts
"Israel Lobby"
"Honest" Abe Foxman
Noam Chomsky
Skull & Bones Society

Click HERE for a short and partial description!

The Panel has yet to announce its time-frame for these investigations!

Funding for the Panel will come from a "Special Allocation" from the...
Federal Budget "Aid to Israel - OTHER" ($3.5 Billion)
expected to be approved by the KNESSET shortly!

Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu
is being considered as an
international, impartial Panelist!

He has graciously offered the Israel Supreme Court as a possible venue
the most likely venue for these investigations will be the Bohemia Grove!

Someone suggested
"The Synagogue of Satan"
but it is currently closed for remodeling!

An MSM spokesperson hailed the formation of the Panel and
Ron Paul was heard to exclaim:
"Way to go! This is better than an Audit of the Fed!"

A "Prayer for the Panel" will be added to the singing of
"God bless America"

during the 7th inning of all baseball games
and to Sunday Services at all CUI-affiliated churches,
at the insistence of Mr. Hagee,until the conclusion of the investigations!

The conclusion of the investigations is expected to be marked by a screening of

"HANG 'EM HIGH!"followed by...
Reportedly, news of the Panel has reached other shores,
as the voice of George C. Patton has been heard,
emanating from his grave and intermittently exclaiming:
"I love it so!"

Meanwhile, apparently up to 20,000,000 ILLEGAL ALIENS
have been spotted, amassing near Bohemia Grove
with signs announcing...
"Somos humanos tambien!"
"We is humans bings, too!"

"Chomsky - SI!"
"Brewer - NO!"
(They want the Panel to declare AMNESTY!)

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
and his 18 Deputy Mayors and their "Assistants" were
for comment.
(they were on an "All-Expenses-Paid"
fact-finding mission at the Tel Aviv Hilton,
funded jointly by Israel and LA Taxpayers)
Antonio's girlfriend,
speaking on condition of anonymity, said:
"It's in the budget!"

Former president Bill "BJ" Clinton reportedly highly
recommended Jewess Monica for Panel Intern duties.

He is intensely lobbying the Panel for membership!
Jackie "Derringer" Onassis also likes Monica, stating:
"We have some things in common!"!

Karl "Handcuffs" Denninger
Mike "Knish-Mish" Shedlock
Nouriel "Houdini" Roubini
and the other 5,999,997 Zionist Shills
were UNAVAILABLE for comment!


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