Monday, June 28, 2010

911: Thinking the UNTHINKABLE

We are rapidly approaching the time when EVERY sentient American will KNOW that Israel did 911. As of today, there are MILLIONS of Americans who already KNOW the truth - and there are MILLIONS of people around the world who also KNOW that truth. What else do these MILLIONS KNOW about Zionist Israel and Zionist CRIMES against Humanity? Do they KNOW that these Zionist Slimeballs are NOT human but descendants of a cold-blooded ALIEN RACE of Reptilians, just like Jesus the Christ proclaimed? Do they KNOW that they are NOT Jews but "The Synagogue of Satan"? Do they KNOW that these Zionist Slimeballs CONTROL America and both political parties? Do they KNOW that Greenspan & Bernanke (Zionist Slimeballs) intentionally created the GRAND DEPRESSSION as part of the Zionist GAMEPLAN (SEE! "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion") to DESTROY America and eventually ALL of Humanity?

We all KNOW that the recent, heinous and vicious Israeli attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla was just another CRIME in the long list of CRIMES - and that we can expect MANY MORE!

Why is there no American and global OUTRAGE and ACTION against Zionist Israel? Why can THEY defy the UN resolutions ad infinitum? Why is the American Military Brass (Dr. Alan Sabrosky) standing idly by, KNOWING that Israel committed an ACT OF WAR against America on 911? Why is NOT ONE member of CONgress or other politician, DEMANDING another INVESTIGATION of 911 in the light of their KNOWLEDGE that Israel did it? The entire American CONgress and 2 presidents and their Administrations (Bush-it and ObamaRahm-a) are guilty of TREASON. They all deserve to HANG!


America and Humanity have been INFILTRATED by an ALIEN RACE and its Zionist Slimeball AGENTS - Israelis and American/Israelis and Americans (and Zionist Slimeballs in other nations, including Germany, England, Canada, Austria, Australia, etc.). THEY have been here, fulfilling their GAMEPLAN, for several generations. THEY are PLOTTING to send America and Humanity into the ABYSS! THEY look like you and me but THEY are merely HUMANOID and DECEPTIVELY CUNNING and HEARTLESS - like RAPTORS. Remember that their father is the GREAT SATAN, aka the GREAT DECEIVER - or DRAGON!

Is it any wonder that Yahweh has promised to wipe His mortal ENEMIES off the face of the Earth (Ezekiel 22:20)?

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