Monday, February 8, 2010

BLS: Bureau of Lying Slimeballs

You might think that BLS stands for Bureau of Labor Statistics. Not so! It stands (REALLY) for Bureau of Lying Slimeballs. The BLS BS is not just manufactured out of stupidity or ignorance - it is PURPOSEFUL DECEPTION of the true state of Unemployment (and Employment trends) in America. Would you believe that our Super Shill Knish-Mish-Mash Mike Shedlock is EXPOSING the BLS BS in his Blog today, while at the same time TOTALLY IGNORING the fact that the BLS is employed (and CONTROLLED) by our ZOG (Zionist-Occupied Government) in Washington, DC!? Not only do THEY! wage WAR by DECEPTION (Mossad Motto), THEY! also wage ECONOMIC and INFORMATION WAR by DECEPTION. It's ALL made perfectly CLEAR in...

Remember, folks, whenever you read an explanation of BLOODY BLOBS which FAILS to CONNECT the OBVIOUS, BIG, BLOODY ZIONIST BLOBS, you are reading the DECEPTIVE LITERATURE of a Zionist Shill! You MUST learn to read between the lines to unearth the BLOODY BLOBS of ZIONISM.

Get ready for more Bernanke BS!

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