Monday, February 8, 2010

How should the world react to (Satanic) Israel?

Never mind how the world should react to Iran - a question recently posed by the Zionist-controlled BBC. There is only ONE ROGUE COUNTRY which sets itself apart from the world and acts like it is above International Law and Human Decency - "New Khazaria" (Zionist Israel). How should the world react to the endless ATROCITIES committed by Zionist Israel against the Palestinians, against America (911, USS Liberty attack, JFK assassination, GRAND DEPRESSION, etc.) and against Humanity in general? The world should react in a similar way that Yahweh will react to the never-ending diabolical acts of...

"The Rebellious House of Israel":

Ezekiel 22:20"The Word of God is living and powerful"

Humanity MUST work with God to end Zionism!

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