Sunday, February 7, 2010

'Stonewalling' 911 Truth

Perhaps you are an avid American TV watcher (I'm not!) and enjoy programs like 'Oprah', late-night 'Talk Shows' like 'Leno' and many other MSM-sponsored programs which try to paint a picture of 'America Today'. While some of these programs have a quantity of "socially redeeming value", they ALL have something (SINISTER) in common! Despite a LARGE...

...that 911 was a Zionist Slimeball 'FALSE-FLAG PRODUCTION', NOBODY who works in the MainstreamMedia (MSM) has DARED to "step over the line", clearly drawn in the bloody sand by the Zionist Slimeballs. EVERY whisper and slightest hint about the 'OFFICIAL' 911 DECEPTION is SQUELCHED by the Zionist Slimeballs before anyone can say: "911"! There are also MANY members of the NYFD and NYPD who KNOW that 911 ('Official' explanation) was a HOAX, covered up with the cooperation of people in high places, leading right up to the WH (the 2 most recent occupants)!

ALL of those jovial and sincere-looking people on TV and others who KNOW that 911 was perpetrated by Zionist Slimeballs and their American STOOGES in high places are GUILTY of MASS DECEPTION - or WORSE!

They look the other way every day!

Are they being PAID OFF or THREATENED by those diabolical Zionist Slimeballs to maintain SILENCE? - or are they members of the herd of Zionist Slimeballs? Either way, they DESERVE what will be coming to them - PUNISHMENT! Where there is CRIME (including SILENCE about a CRIME), there will be PUNISHMENT (and "gnashing of teeth")!


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